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Workflow automation: productivity booster for your sales team

Time is significant for your organization; your team’s productivity gets decided by their efficiency in managing the tasks in the time provided. Technological evolution has eased the daily task management for organizations, but even though computers have facilitated human efforts, there are still many things that can help the organization save their time. One such evolution to hit the market in the recent years is ’’Workflow Automation.’’

As the name suggests, workflows are majorly based on your company’s policy that is created for automating the daily tasks.

What’s the buzz around ’’Workflow Automation’’?

For any organization, delivery of the correct information at the right time defines the efficiency of their team. Workflow Automation empowers users in implementing significant and detailed rules, guidelines and actions that are to be applied automatically.

Let’s explain this with an example. As a user, you can set up the whole automation system in such a way that if service requests are not being regularly answered, an alert will be sent out by the system.

Leads generated from your landing page via contact form can be automatically assigned to the ’’to-be-contacted’’ list, once the call is done, an automatic email will be sent out to the lead which will comprise of the subject of the call and all the various offers that your company provides.

Let’s give you some more insight into the world of workflow automation:

Data Entry

Salesmate has been designed to be an intuitive system that can assist your sales team in their daily sales activities. With Salesmate automation feature, comes the freedom of developing your email templates which quickly pull first and last names, greetings, specifics related to the organization and various field data. Salesmate inserts values from the recipient’s record while sending out an email, giving your emails an individualized touch without the extra labor when you draft them manually.

With Salesmate, you can track the records of the all the delivered emails opened such as open email rates, links clicked, and various other such values fulfilled.

Task Assignment

Whenever new lead or ticket is generated, or a status update takes place task assignment is the most important activity of day for every sales and support manager. Depending on the volume of the inquiries and support tickets that are received your organization manual task assignment takes up much time. However, this task can be smoothly automated with the help of Salesmate CRM’s workflow automation system.


Acknowledging the client lead and the managers is an important task. With Salesmate automation the work of acknowledgment becomes easy. Transactional updates are a time-consuming activity, but they are important too as every business will like to keep their client updated regarding any status change on their inquiry, fulfillment of their order, scheduling the product or service delivery.

Automating this process will be helpful in keeping the customers well informed without much manual labor.

Pipeline Stages

There are a variety of steps in the workflow process of every organization.

For example, in the sales process, the stages begin with opportunity and then proceed to other stages like, quote, order, and sending the invoice based on how the organization has set them. One step compliments the other, like when the negotiations are being made for the terms of payment, the lead(opportunity) can be moved to the accounting stage for your organization.


Webhooks can help you automate various aspects of your business be it sending emails or updating your records. With Salesmate webhook you can smoothly integrate third-party apps you already use for sending text messages, create a shared document, update group activities or start and manage email campaigns.

Data Outflow

As a business, you will understand that you do not always use a single application and tool and when you have to manage all these tools manually it makes your daily task difficult to achieve. The businesses nowadays use applications like CRM and ERP, and sometimes it requires you to exchange data between the two.

The manual transfer may make you miss out on some crucial figures out of the actual data, which makes automation the greatest aid you can receive for fulfilling this task.


Sales teams continue to build their relationship with customers until the time a deal is struck and the best way to do it was to keep the interaction alive. The best way to go about doing this is by sending emails with detail description of your products and services, the how-to-do and other blog articles and various other offers. Manually doing it is a tough task even for a small business.

As we have already discussed time is of vital importance to any business and maintaining manual communication with any volume of the customer base is always a daunting task. With salesmate’s automation feature you can decide the frequency and the behavior of your business emails.

Generating Intuitive Reports

Businesses rely heavily on analytics that helps them in knowing the current status of their sales and marketing department and the productivity of their employees. Managers from all the various departments have to generate and compile all the related data to the management, and this is majorly done manually. This is where Salesmate comes in handy. The intelligent report generating feature helps you create detailed reports about the individual performances in your department.


With Salesmate you can update a lead as ’’contacted’’ after the email workflow is initiated. After the leads are converted, a simple workflow can update the record owner and auto-assign it to the correct pipeline.

CRM systems are developed to ease the daily pressure off the shoulders of the users, adding automation to it is like the cherry on the top because automation keeps you updated and alert while functioning your daily duties towards the business and the customers without breaking much sweat over the same. By automating daily tasks, you avoid doing unnecessary activities and save, time money and energy.

Salesmate has been developed with all the modern tools and the workflow automation has been designed while keeping the basic modern business needs. If you want to get in-depth information regarding how else our workflow automation will be of help to you then do get in touch with us.

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