Think Live Chat is only for the large corporate companies? It’s not something that a small business even needs to worry about, is it? Think again, did you know that people are 29% more likely to purchase if the company offers Live Chat, whether they use it or not?

Think about for a second. If you go online to a site and are considering buying something, what is more appealing of the following?

  1. Being able to query something live on the site.
  2. Having to call in.
  3. Having to complete a contact form.

For most people, having to call in is a pain. It means looking up the number, dialing it and then waiting for someone to answer the call.

Contacting a company through an email form is a bit easier, but it does mean that you have to wait for a response.

If, however, live chat is enabled on the site, it is quick and easy to get the answers that you need without leaving your screen.

Save on Costs

It’s great for customer service, but what about the cost to your business? Here’s something that might surprise you ’ live chat is actually a lot less expensive to run than a traditional call center. Chats could be handled by humans or even by chatbots to save on fees. All you really need is to choose and purchase the right live chat software, and this is a measly expense compared to your customer service phone bill.

Boost Your Sales

And the return on investment is also pretty impressive. Adding a live chat widget to its product comparison pages helped Intuit increase its sales by 211%.

Having access to live chat makes people feel that help is at hand if they need it. They expect everything to go smoothly, but if there is some sort of snag, they know they have the option to get help quickly.

Giving your clients more ways to engage with your company is always a good thing. If you can answer their questions quickly and easily, you build trust and improve their client experience. This, in turn, helps to create brand loyal clients who are more likely to become repeat customers and possibly even brand ambassadors.

Infographic Use Live Chat or Lose on the Sales Front

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