Customer relationship management software is known to be a complete sales solution. If you are part of a sales driven organization, then you might have used it to manage your sales pipeline, streamline your workflow, create insightful reports or to automate repetitive chores.

However, are you wondering if this smart system is confined only to above-mentioned activities?

Do you need a new ticket supporting system for managing your support requests or can a CRM be utilized as a ticket support system too?

Well, with a CRM like Salesmate, you do not need to invest in a separate ticket management software. Salesmate is a customizable sales CRM solution that can be modified as per your business requirements. It can effortlessly play the role of a ticket management system and help in managing your support tickets as well as internal activities related to sales, marketing, and support.

With Salesmate you won’t get stuck in a pile of emails, you can easily organize and sort the requests according to different departments. With well-structured data, you can quickly bifurcate the resolved and pending requests. It helps you respond quickly and foster a better customer relationship.

Here is how you can get started with Salesmate and use it as a ticketing software:


  • Directly receive tickets into your CRM creating web forms for a support ticket and bifurcate it into various categories like Sales, Marketing, and Support.
  • For doing that, you can use Gravity forms Salesmate add-on for WordPress, Wufoo Webform integration or integrate using our RESTful APIs that will help you in creating forms for your website in seconds.
  • As it is integrated with Salesmate you will directly receive the ticket in your CRM based on the selected department once a visitor fills up the form. Eliminate complications and allow the respected department representatives quickly respond to the ticket.


  • The strongest feature of Salesmate is workflow automation which can be used wisely for ticket management too.
  • By setting workflows, notify the customers with an automatic acknowledgment email about receiving their request. This provides assurance that their request will be addressed soon.
  • Besides, you can even automatically assign the tickets to the team so that that they can instantly start working on it.

Manage tickets

  • Salesmate gives you full control over your tickets to efficiently manage and resolve them on time.
  • It renders clear visibility of the ticket pipeline displaying the progress of the ticket through various stages till it is resolved.
  • With instant notifications, you will be able to respond in real-time.
  • You can even track all the communications for future reference.

Generate reports

  • With Salesmate you can quickly generate reports to keep a tab on various support ticket related activities.
  • It gives you a clear count of the tickets generated as well as helps in evaluating the time taken for resolving it.
  • With in-depth analysis of these insightful reports, you can understand customer’s pain point and accordingly build your strategies for addressing them.

To conclude

Effectively managing the ticket can help in maintaining a long-lasting relationship with the customers. With Salesmate, you can not only address your sales requirements but also efficiently manage your support tickets. It saves your time, money and resources as well as helps you in delivering utmost customer satisfaction.
Would you like to know more about the services that can be an add-on for your organization, then do get in touch with us.

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