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The three W’s of text messaging for real estate sales (with templates)

The three W’s of text messaging for real estate sales (with templates)

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Being a real estate agent, broker, or seller, you might have felt the heat in this unpredictable market. Real estate is no doubt a booming industry, but it is even one of the markets that experience extreme price fluctuations. So, you cannot afford to miss out on any opportunity that comes your way.

A little delay and someone else might grab a profitable opportunity.

Sales rarely happen without effort. You need to work smart, take quick routes to reach, and engage your prospects.

Yes, emails and calls are useful communication channels.

However, there is one more powerful channel that can be added to your communication strategy – Text messages (SMS).

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. 

Woah! Isn’t that too quick?

So why not use it to establish and maintain close relationships with your real estate buyers and sellers.

Let’s explore the three W’s of text messages to see how it can be a helpful tool for realtors:

  • Why use text messages(SMS) in real estate?
  • What to consider while creating real estate text messages?
  • Which are the best real estate text messages templates?

Why use text messages (SMS) in real estate?

Being a part of a quickly evolving real estate industry, you need to stay on your toes 24×7 for converting your sales leads. From collecting details from the buyer/sellers to scheduling an appointment, there is a lot on your plate. 

As text messages provide direct communication, it helps in connecting with the prospects at a faster rate.

Besides, it brings a higher level of personalization in the real estate sales process. Prospects are more comfortable having a real conversation through SMS; increasing the response rate. 

SMS achieves a 209% higher response rate compared to phone calls, email or Facebook.

You can easily share house listing information, follow up after an open house, and do much more with text messages. 

62% of home buyers prefer their agents send listing info over text messages.

Oh, how can we forget about the bonus points if you are using a CRM with text messaging? You’ll be able to target multiple prospects together with bulk messages, save templates to avoid typing each message repeatedly, and schedule messages to send texts at your preferred time. 

Text your prospects without leaving your CRM

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What to consider while creating real estate text messages? 

We are aware that converting leads in real estate is quite a challenging task. Prospects don’t respond quickly. And sadly, without communicating, you cannot push a lead further in the sales cycle. 

Yes, text messages will ease things for you. However, to get a response, you need to capture your prospect’s interest. For that, you’ll have to put a little more effort while creating your text messages. 

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while creating text messages.

1. Keep text messages precise

Remember, your leads are busy. So, don’t beat around the bush. 

You’ve just got a few minutes to grab their attention.

So, make sure your content is precise and conveys the intended message in the right way. 

2. Correct typos

I know you have a long to-do list. 

But don’t type a real estate text message in a hurry. 

Typos create a bad impression on the prospect. Read your message before hitting send.

3. Avoid abbreviations 

Don’t make your prospect do mental gymnastics to understand what you are trying to say.

Avoid abbreviations while typing real estate text messages. Be professional and spell out even the common industry terms. 

4. Stay calm and maintain a positive tone

Typing a real estate text message when you are not in the right frame of mind is a big no-no.

Don’t pour your anger in the SMS, you might lose a lead. Prospects don’t take time to approach other realtors. So, stay calm and ensure you maintain a positive tone while typing an SMS. 

5. Don’t send confidential messages through text

Leave out sensitive data while communicating through text messages. 

Consider alternatives like email or in-person meetings for sharing private and confidential messages instead of transmitting them through SMS. 

Which are the best real estate text messages templates?

It is necessary to work smart in the real estate industry. Save time by creating text messages templates that you can edit and reuse instead of doing the hard work. You can even use text message templates available on the internet. 

To help you, I’ve created a few real estate text message templates. Feel free to use them out.

SMS templates to send to potential buyers

For website visitors who filled the contact us form 

Hi [Name] thank you for connecting with us. Are you seeking to sell or buy a property?

For queries

Hi [Name], Thank you for joining us. Feel free to ask a question on this number 🙂

-[Your name] from [Company’s Name]

For specific details 

Hi [Name] should I set up a few showings for you? Which neighborhood would you be interested in? 

For interest shown in a specific area 

Here are few properties in [Preferred area of the customer] [short link to the property listing] check and let me know if you want me to schedule a showing. 

Scheduling an appointment 

Hi [Prospect’s name], can you share your convenient time to visit the property? Please choose the time that works best for you [Link to the calendar] 

Follow-up after an open house 

Hi [Prospect’s name], Thanks for joining us at [property name] open house. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the property. 

Price change alert 

Hi [Prospect’s name], the price for the property you loved, just dropped from [Amount] to [Amount]. It’s the best time to make your move!

90% of texts are read within 3 minutes!

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SMS templates for potential sellers 

Specific details 

Hey [prospect’s name] I’ll get your valuation ready in a short time. How long have you owned the property, and how soon do you want to sell it? 

When you are with a client

Thank you for contacting me! I am currently with a client. Can I call you around [time]?

Connect with dormant lead 

Are you still interested in selling your property at [area]? There is a buyer who is interested in purchasing a house in that vicinity. 

Request for review 

Hi [prospect’s name], thanks for selling your home through [your company’s name]. We’re grateful you chose us. Would you mind leaving a Google review [link]?

Viewing the property

Hi [Prospect’s name] could you please provide your convenient time for showing me your property before I list it on our website?

Wrapping up 

Text messaging for real estate is a great communication strategy if used in the right way. It saves time and increases the possibility of getting a response from potential customers. Text messages can be very helpful for following-up with the prospect.

Go for an advanced CRM that allows you to automate your follow-up, like Salesmate CRM. You can create text sequences and put your follow-up on autopilot. Besides you can create the combination of emails and texts in a single sequence using this high-end CRM. 

Not only this, but you can also create and save templates as well as send text messages in bulk.

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