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Successful Inside Sales Strategies to Swiftly Accelerate Your Sales

Successful Inside Sales Strategies to Swiftly Accelerate Your Sales

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The sales industry is an ever-changing place. Sales managers not only have to stay on top of it, they have to get in front of it to stay successful. How do you do that? You employ inside sales strategies that will put you ahead of the pack. Consider using the following strategies to help your team accelerate sales and increase your bottom line.

Load Your Pipeline with Quality Leads

Your sales pipeline is your team’s lifeline. The focus of your marketing and sales departments must be on filling up that pipeline with quality, actionable leads. The lead generation process needs to be their main focus because the more quality leads you have, the more sales you will close. Understanding the pain points and needs of the targeted leads is key for the marketing team to know before they send them to the sales team.

Create Customized Strategies

Docurated asked successful sales professional, Barry Maher for his do’s and don’ts about selling and this topped his list:

’’Never forget that it’s all about the customer, not about yourself, your product, or your company, which means that understanding your customers is far more important than anything else about your business.’’

That means that you have to customize your sales strategy for each individual prospect that you are working with. What works with one lead may not be the right approach for another, so you have to really get to know your leads and then meet them where they are at. Trying different approaches doesn’t have to be scary ’ it just requires some creativity.

Perfect Your Pitch

Even though your sales approach needs to be adapted for each unique prospect, it is important that your sales and marketing team have a unified view on the sales pitch. It must be a pitch that demonstrates the value your product or service will provide your prospect.

Make Marketing a Priority

The success of your sales team relies heavily on the success of your marketing team. That means that making marketing a priority and ensuring that sales and marketing work well together are crucial to meeting and exceeding sales quotas. To do this, make both marketing and sales efforts a collaboration between the two teams, rather than keeping them separated. The message that marketing sends your prospects must reflect the same value that your salespeople are selling.

Use Automation Tools

Utilizing the right tools will save your team time allowing them more time to do what they do best ’ sell! In this area, technology is your friend. When you choose a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, look at the sales automation features to ensure that the sales and marketing teams run as efficiently as possible.

Track Customer and Sales Information

The sales process doesn’t end when the sale closes. Your existing customers can provide you with valuable information and referrals even if they only buy from you once. InsideSales emphasizes the importance tracking customer and sales information plays in adjusting sales strategies. ’’Keep track of how you have dealt with the whole sales process and you’ll be able to improve and to adjust, if necessary along the way.’’

Make Your Strategies Work for Your Company

Creating and motivating a successful sales team isn’t easy, but when you are using the right strategies you will see sales growth. Establish and use the strategies that work for your company by testing different approaches, loading up your pipeline with worthwhile leads, encouraging department collaboration, and modifying strategies when needed. Using a sales CRM tool like Salesmate, can help your company take control and streamline your business! Do that, and your sales successes will undoubtedly accelerate.

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