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Sell more this holiday season, without losing any opportunity

As the month of October approaches, the holiday season seems to be around the corner. Moreover, we all know how much the consumers love to spend during this season (generally, extra than the regular time). Companies are already preparing their strategies of establishing attractive communications with their customers so that their brand remains the apple of everyone’s eyes. This is a fact, and this applies to every company be it any online shopping giant or the brick-and-mortar stores.

Let me tell you one more fact; the above paragraph stays true for your regular customers. However, what the ones who do not know about your products and services.

Be prepared for the boom

What should you be looking up to for this holiday season - heat map

As a startup or medium enterprise, you need to be well equipped with the boom the market will see. The increase in sales and other inquiries will mean a stupendous increase in your leads. What you need to do is prepare for the scenario with a fail-safe plan of action that includes improving your sales strategies, managing your leads in a very effective way without losing focus on the deals in your pipeline so that they do not go stale.

This could be the best season for retailers and the people in the real estate business as the customer demand booms, literally for everything. However, fulfilling the ever-growing customer expectations gets tough for the companies of any size. Everyone involved in the daily business process handles multiple tasks and many other problems:

  • Timely delivery of the products and services
  • Proper communication with prospects and customers
  • Managing stock for that particular season

What should you be looking up to for this holiday season?

Discounts and DealsThis article is all about successful management of your customers and who can perfectly do that for you than a Smart CRM that is designed to meet all the requirements of your progressive sales team & process.

Let us list down what are the expectations of the customers.

24/7 Customer Service

The companies who have an established customer base need to create a holiday schedule which can be synchronized with their service calendar. The holiday season means vacations for everyone, that means your employees too. What will happen when your support team will be away vacationing with their respective families, and your customers are trying to contact you for their queries?


Efficient Delivery

The busy schedule of the daily life keeps the consumers away from friends and families and the holiday season is their ticket to paradise which they do not want to be wasted because of delays in the delivery of promised products and services.


Discounts and Deals

The best way of luring your customers towards your products and services is to offer magnificent deals and discounts to them, and this fact is not hidden from the customers too. So, when the holiday season is at its peak, customers start expecting to see emails and messages that bear better deals and great discounts.

Sales Intelligence eases the hectic holiday season

Sales Intelligence eases the hectic holiday season

Sales intelligence tools like CRM are developed to provide solace to the companies that are working hard to generate revenue from their targeted customer base. A CRM software can come in handy in any situation for the business of any size, but it is more than useful when you get hit by a tsunami of prospects leaving you busy and worried about the management of deals and contacts that already are in your system. CRM just does not work as a customer relationship manager but is also used for the in-built sales tools that streamline your sales process. Such sales intelligence software can help you speed up the tasks and manage everything – deal management to sales forecasting to workflow automation.

Sales Automation

Sales teams have to be good with their multitasking skills because this is what gets the revenue cycle going. Achieving their monthly target is the task that is on the back of every sales rep and managers mind. The holiday season is not an exclusion from this regime, in fact, they have to be more skillful while handling dozens of inquiries, deals, and prospects. Maintaining the customer service quality and sales teams performances is the priority for every manager.

Sales Automation offers these key benefits:

Task assignment and automation

Assigning task to your team becomes easy with workflow automation. You can update records, notify internal users, assign and rotate deals, score deals, and send emails automatically. This makes your sales tasks more seamless and saves crucial time to sell more.

Sales and Contact management

A centralized accounts’ contacts repository for a clear contact visibility. A detailed customer contact information (name, address, telephone, email, etc) makes it easy for your sales reps to create appointments and scheduling a sales or follow-up call.

Smart Emails

Personalized emails always have had their impact on the customers and prospects be it during the regular business process or the holiday season. Tailoring your email content as per the interest of the client works in favor of the business because it is developed after understanding the buying pattern of the consumer.

Account management

Offers a holistic view of all your accounts with the related contacts, contracts and much more. It is easy to track customer interaction, history of past sales done, opportunities giving you a favorable idea of closing future deals.

Managing deals and Opportunities

Once your sales rep establishes the first contact, the contact is converted into a deal. Automated follow-up notifications, welcome emails and much more make it easy for the reps to handle the deals and prospects.

Sales Reports and Forecasting

Sales automation tools provide a smart and effective way of forecasting sales for your business. Using the past sales, the process of forecasting the sales figures becomes convenient for the managers, and they can easily assign the tasks related to the achievement of the expected sales figure.

With sales automation tools like Salesmate you can generate reports of your whole sales process, like the sales reports based on demographic regions, per sales representative to measure their performance. Fetch valuable information related to your entire sales process from the reports generated by the sales intelligence software.

Let me summarize this whole article for you, sales automation tools help you streamline your sales process so that you can manage everything without the risk of losing on the revenue generation opportunities that are in front of you for this holiday season.

So catch hold of your pain points before the holiday season so that you can be prepared for the worst scenarios, and adopt a smart sales intelligence software for your sales process.

If you are looking to streamline all your sales process and manage sales pipeline, try Salesmate. Be more productive and focus on actions that matter the most to close more deals in less time. Grow your sales now and increase your revenue with Salesmate. Sign up for free now!



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