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solar CRM

Factors to consider while selecting a solar CRM

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Energy-saving and emission reduction is becoming a global interest. The solar industry has been gaining traction at a fast pace.

The U.S. solar industry installed 10.6 GW of new PV capacity in 2018, marking the third year in a row of double-digit gigawatt growth! (information source)

The Global circulated solar market is a $1000 billion-dollar opportunity. Along with lucrative opportunities, there are also many challenges in this evolving industry.

Customer uncertainties about solar products impede business sales. Convincing customers and closing solar sales is an arduous task. You need more than a powerful product to sustain business growth in the solar industry.

Just like how solar product decreases the negative impact on the environment and improves energy efficiency, solar CRM reduces risk and enhances business profitability. A CRM can help in optimizing the processes, maintaining healthy customer relationships and boosting business revenue. It can be an asset for your company, provided you select the right one for your solar business.

Things to mull over while choosing a solar CRM

Solar business has unique needs. So, finding a CRM that addresses all those requirements can get challenging. You must ponder over all the factors before settling for one solution.

If your implementation strategy doesn’t work, you might risk losing money on your investment. No business owner wants to take the wrong decision for the business, but lack of knowledge leads to unwanted results. To help you, below I have stated the things you need to consider while choosing a CRM for your solar business.

1. Solar CRM features

Solar business experiences maximum fluctuations, customer spending, rises and falls as per different seasons. You need a feature-rich solution that keeps you prepared for capitalizing on every opportunity you get. Here are the features you need to look in a CRM to ensure sales success.

Deal management

Solar is a fast-growing competitive industry where a customer has ample options. Carelessness in the management of deals can result in the loss of a potential buyer.

A deal management feature in a solar CRM can help you in keeping your deals organized and prevent them from slipping through the cracks. You will be able to track the deal status and see every activity related to each deal. The best CRM software allows you to set win probability for each deal to prioritize and give attention to high potentials deals at the right time.

Email tracking

Most of the people hesitate before investing in a solar product. You need to increase awareness and educate the buyers about your product.

Engage your buyers and give them the benefits of using your product. The best way of doing so is by sending informative emails to your customers. This doesn’t mean you just draft, send and forget your emails.

You need to know if the prospects opened the emails sent by you. A CRM’s email tracking feature helps in finding that out.

So, you need to look for this feature in a solar CRM. It will help you in tracking your prospecting emails and newsletter to measure its effectiveness. You can see what’s garnering clicks and accordingly plan your next email campaign.

Sales Automation

Buyers won’t be knocking at your door to purchase your solar product. You will have to follow-up to convince them to buy your product.

But, how to make time for follow-ups with so many solar projects to handle? Well, the answer is simple, automate it. By automating your follow-ups, you can reach out to your prospects and nurture them in real-time.

Harness your energy smartly by embracing sales automation. Choose a solar CRM that allows you to automate most of the repetitive tasks related to your solar sales. You can do more in less time by setting automated workflows. It will make you more efficient and help in saving your precious time.

Solar product management

Staying conversant with the information and selling status of each solar product isn’t easy. You need a CRM that lets you streamline the information of the solar products you sell at one place.

You should be able to add the products to the deals with their specific descriptions like the variants, model details, and price. A good CRM will help you in managing your products and allow you to calculate the best discount price for each product to generate maximum profit.


Getting insights about your sales is crucial for improving your closure rate. You need to know whether your sales graph is going up or down. The informative solar sales reports will help you in finding the reasons for declining sales. With the reporting tool of CRM, you can create insightful reports in minutes.

Sales report is the best way to know what’s happening in your solar business. It helps in tracking sales rep performance, pipeline health, opportunity status, and various other sales metrics. You can eliminate the guesswork and take more informed decisions. A reporting tool of good CRM allows you to customize your reports for getting the exact information you need.

Shared team inbox

Buyers often have questions about a solar product. Moreover, they want instant replies to their queries. Waiting isn’t an option for them. So, to ensure a steady flow of revenue, you need to provide excellent customer support both during and after sales.

A shared team inbox can help you with it. Therefore, don’t forget to look for this feature in CRM. With a shared team inbox, you can collaborate with your team and provide better assistance to your customers. It improves response time and helps in resolving queries at a faster rate.

2. User Interface

Ensure the CRM you select is easy to set-up and simple to use. The CRM should have an intuitive interface with zero complications. Make sure your team doesn’t have to spend their precious work hours in understanding the CRM.

The dashboard should be neat and self-explanatory. It should have the right mixture of simplicity and information density. You should be able to access what you need swiftly.

3. Mobile friendly

Your team will have to meet the prospects to showcase the true potential of your solar product. They need to give presentations for explaining the financial and other benefits of going solar.

Your sales team needs a solution that offers them updates about their solar sales even while traveling. Therefore, the CRM your select needs to have a mobile app and should function seamlessly on any device. With mobile CRM, you can see your upcoming sales activities and update records on the go. It gives you more flexibility and boosts your productivity.

4. Excellent customer service

No matter how simple the solution is, there are times when you will require the help of the CRM support team to use the software efficiently for your solar business. So, ensure they are available whenever you need them.  They should be able to answer all your questions.

Choose a CRM that offers knowledge-base, video tutorials, and live-chat. Refer various reviewing sites for understanding how good the customer service of any specific CRM is. Customers often provide an honest review of the customer support of a company. So, you can go through it for choosing the best CRM that offers best-in-class customer support.

Wrapping up

Solar businesses have some unique requirements. Take advantage of the free trial of a CRM to find out if the CRM can meet your expectations and whether it is the right fit for your organization.

Testing through a free-trial can help you in exploring the full capabilities of a CRM. You can see what a CRM can do for your solar business and how simple or complicated it is. Every feature can be tested to see how beneficial it is.

Salesmate is one of the best solar CRM software that you can explore. It is a cost-effective solution that empowers solar businesses. Managing sales process and solar projects get easier with this intuitive solution.

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