Managing contacts is very critical for any business. Tasks get complicated when you are active on a wide number of applications. Manually updating and maintaining contacts is time-consuming and it also affects your productivity. To spare you from all the extra work Salesmate, a cloud based CRM has integrated with PieSync.

What is PieSync?

PieSync is a powerful tool that enables bi-directional contact synchronization by supercharging integration between various apps. It aids you in getting the best out of your contacts by syncing and keeping your contact database up-to-date. Now you can quit performing repetitive tasks, as this smart technology automatically updates necessary contact information on your preferred apps. PieSync eliminates the cumbersome task of importing and exporting contacts as it directly shares and updates your information without any error. It is the best solution to save time and keep your contact database organized.

How Salesmate integration with PieSync will be helpful?

Business operations get complicated while using multiple applications. Managing contacts on various platforms can consume a lot of precious hours. Through PieSync, you can set up a two-way contact sync between Salesmate and any of your desired cloud based application and seamlessly transfer your contacts. It is quick and time-saving. Once you enter a new contact in Salesmate, it will automatically appear on the integrated apps. PieSync will systematically manage your database and immediately sync contact information from multiple entries to keep your Salesmate database updated with new contacts.


  • Put an end to manual entries and save your valuable time
  • Automatically receive contact updates and avoid any hindrance in your work
  • Eliminate human errors and have access to correct database
  • Improve workflow by directly sharing essential contact information with your team


  • Automatic two-way contact sync
  • Filter unsubscribed contacts and sync only relevant information
  • Share up-to-date contacts
  • Quit importing and exporting contacts

Requirements to get started

For this integration, you require accounts on both Salesmate and PieSync application. Not a Salesmate user, create a free account now!

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