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Why is so Expensive for Small Businesses?

Why is so Expensive for Small Businesses?

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If you’re in sales, there is no doubt that you need to invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution. Whether your business is just starting out and your customer base is small but growing, or you’ve been in business for a while and you employ a whole team of reps and have an extensive list of clients. You have to have some way to keep track of prospects, customer interactions, and your sales pipelines. That’s where having the right CRM for your business comes into play.

One of the industry leaders in CRM software, indisputably, is Salesforce. The company has over 100,000 customers, and it changed the scope of CRMs when it introduced its cloud-based solution. Salesforce is a publicly traded, for-profit company that has helped many companies stay on track with their customer bases. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right CRM for your company.

Is Your CRM Worth the Cost?

One of the biggest factors for businesses when deciding which CRM to use is affordability. Every business wants to get their money’s worth out of all the tools they need for their operation. You want the best product at the best price. While Salesforce definitely has thousands of customers that are completely satisfied with their product, the chief complaint you’ll hear about it is that it’s just not affordable for small to medium-sized businesses. At about $125 per month, per user, you can see why Salesforce may be out of the price range of many businesses.

That’s why you need to put in some time and research when you are deciding if the CRM you are using is worth what you are paying for it. There are some key considerations that you should take into account when you are weighing whether or not you are getting what you pay for in your CRM.

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Which CRM features do you really need? Most CRMs these days have a long list of features including everything from sales tracking and pipeline management to email tracking and data entry automation ’ and everything in between. Make sure that you are getting the features that you need, but not paying for those you don’t use.

Is your CRM customizable? Advice from Business News Daily: ’’CRM software encompasses so many areas of a business that customization is key to getting the most out of your investment. Choose a CRM software that you can customize according to your business’s unique needs. For instance, some options offer different packages based on the included features, whereas some let you select only the features your business requires. Customization can also take the form of expanding capabilities using extensions, plugins, themes, templates, and add-ons to completely tailor the software to your business.’’

Is your CRM scalable? It’s the hope of every business owner that their company grows and their bottom line continues to increase. Make sure that your CRM has the ability to grow with the business.

How accessible is your CRM? Compare Business Products, a company that offers business product comparisons says this about accessibility, ’’A CRM solution that can only be used in the office is really no solution at all. Data must be entered into it from all manner of locations ’ at trade shows, at customer sites, from partners’ premises ’ and remote workers can’t be handicapped by a dumbed-down version of the solution.’’

Salesmate Offers Features You Need at the Price You Want

At Salesmate, our CRM fits companies of all sizes, grows with your business, is mobile-friendly, and customizable, all at an affordable price. We have all the bells and whistles that save you time, increase sales, and allow you to give your customers excellent service.

Salesmate understands the budget concerns that small businesses have, and we strive to provide you with an outstanding product at a price you can handle. Contact Salesmate to discuss the CRM solutions we have for your business.

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