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Roadmap for Successful Sales Teams 2017

Roadmap for Successful Sales Teams in 2017

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New Year embarks with new challenges. As we move a step ahead from the previous year, the bars of expectations are raised, demanding to set higher goals. It arrives with more challenging hurdles that require new strategies and planning to be tackled. As a sale team, your eyes are always set at the end of the journey where the deal is closed. But, how to complete this journey is a question that requires a perfect solution. To be the successful sales team of the year 2017, you need to plan this journey by creating a sales roadmap that will lead you to the end, where success stands to applaud your achievement.

While you and your team create your own roadmap, here are few important points that you can include to make an effective roadmap to reach your goal:

Reviews and Rewards

Appreciation is always a boosting force that motivates you to work harder. Your team has put in efforts to join the dots, so, value and appreciate it. Spare a little time to review the previous year’s performance of your team and sit individually with each personnel to discuss their conversion rate and closer rate. View their growth graph and plan on what can be done better in 2017 to take the conversion and closer rate higher. Reward their hard work publicly, to bolster their competency and confidence.

New Tactics and Strategies

Repeating what you did last year will keep you where you were last year because sales are changing and the competitors are constantly evolving. The team needs to convene and brainstorm to come up with new tactics and strategies to attract more customers. The strategies need to be very effective because your competitors are also working on the same mission. Don’t come up with strategies that require hard work but come up with those that eases your work and takes you closer to your deals.

New Technologies and Innovations

2017 has witnessed many innovations. Technologies are advancing and changing the face of the sales market. The innovations in this niche have improved the performance of many sales teams. There are software that manages your log sales activities as well as helps you to stay organized and even strengthens your sales pipeline. Incorporate such technologies to ameliorate your closer rate and sip the glass of success.

Better Approach & Execution

You have a perfect strategy; you even have the technology to support that strategy, but if your execution is not right then all your efforts will go in vain. Your approach needs to be perfect to achieve the desired results. Your team needs to coordinate and together as a force; you need to work to fulfill your team’s vision.

Surpass Your Competition

If you are planning to move ahead of your competitors, step forward with a smart and powerful strategy. CRM tool helps you streamline all your sales processes in a single place. Try using Salesmate CRM which is built for smart sales team. It manages your sales cycle, saves your time with its automated mailing features and tracks all your sales activities to help you to win new customers.

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