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Sales Process for Roofing Companies Using Salesmate CRM

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Every industry has a sales process that they must follow in order to obtain and retain customers, which is essential to growing business and increasing revenue ’ the roofing industry included. How they choose to do that can make the difference between struggling to stay organized and productive and running a well-oiled, successful machine. One way that roofing companies can stay on top of their sales process is by using a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution.

The roofing industry, as a whole, has been slow to jump on the CRM bandwagon. But there is clear evidence that shows that it’s an endeavor worth taking. According to Nucleus Research, a financial technology research company, investment in a CRM can . That is something that roofing companies simply can’t afford to miss out on.

Why Defining the Sales Process is Important for Roofers

Aside from the financial benefit, there are other advantages to having a clearly defined sales process for roofing companies:

  • It provides organization that everyone in the company can follow.
  • It helps with and provides an overall big-picture perspective of all ongoing projects.
  • It saves time by automating many organizational tasks.
  • It provides reporting and analytics that identifies what’s working and what isn’t.

Sales Process and CRM for Roofing Companies

What exactly does the sales process look like for roofing companies, and how will a CRM help? The following are some typical steps for roofers and how a CRM makes each step more efficient.

  1. Gather lead information. This step is crucial to the sales process. It allows you to record all the information you collect from your leads. Every contact or interaction with your lead should be recorded so that you have all of the needed information at your fingertips. This allows everyone on your team, from salespeople to marketers to contractors, to have access to all of your lead’s information ’ so everyone is on the same page.
  2. Set appointment for estimate. CRM systems allow you to schedule appointments, inspections, and other meetings with your leads quickly and easily.
  3. Automate activities. This step may be the biggest time-saver. Activities and reminders can be set for the whole process. Your CRM can be set to to your lead to confirm meeting times, ask for additional information, and to stay in contact.
  4. Follow-up after the estimate. Follow-up is essential for every business. A CRM will allow you to send automated communications to your leads with relevant information and marketing that will help them make their decision about the project.
  5. Close the deal. Once your lead has awarded you the project, your CRM can help you start preparing the job for production. With the proper programming, your CRM can automatically communicate important information to your customer. This might include details of the specific job process, the project’s timeline, what they can expect, how they should prepare, etc.
  6. Manage the project. A CRM’s capabilities with scheduling and tracking activities, email automation and tracking, and customer information allow you to completely manage a whole roofing project, while keeping all relevant parties (sales, marketing, contractors, etc.) in the loop.

That’s Not All a CRM Can Do

Using a CRM for roofing companies isn’t just about organization and project management. It can also help companies with marketing and forecasting sales. In fact, reports, ’’The key is to maintain a strong, up-to-date customer database that becomes not only a historical view of phentermine without prescription our customers and projects but also a strong database for future sales and marketing. By using a CRM software instead of Excel or a Rolodex, customer contact can be automated including notes, past correspondence, property data, material preferences and/or potential future projects.’’

Salesmate CRM can help roofing companies organize, automate, and manage projects from lead to completed project to future sales. Let us know what we can do to help you.

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