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Remote working: Gain victory over the emotional war in sales

Remote working: Gain victory over the emotional war in sales

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Suddenly the COVID-19 outbreak turned the working world upside down. Remote working became the new reality. This paradigm shift captured the interest of many employees initially. 

Now no soul-crushing commuting, no office dramas, and more flexibility. 

However, after a few days, the reality hit. 

Several minds felt tormented with stressful vibes, especially the minds of the sales professionals who couldn’t achieve their sales quota.

Suddenly many realized remote working isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. 

Lack of structure, increasing pressure, poor performance, constant distractions, and overthinking has caused a lot of frustration and stress.

The emotional impact of work from home 

Remote working isn’t a new concept. The number of people working remotely has increased exponentially in the last few years. 

4.3 million people in the USA work from home at least half the time.

However, many businesses had not supported this trend in the past. There are even many employees who have never worked remotely. 

Around the world, 44% of companies don’t allow remote work at all.

Due to the 2020 pandemic, many companies have forcefully adapted to the remote work culture.

Several sales professionals who have never worked remotely or who do not work from home frequently are facing a lot of challenges.

Remote working has affected the mental health of several sales professionals. They feel more pressurized and distressed. Living in uncertainty due to the current pandemic has made the situation even more stressful.

Have you, too, noticed a change in your mental health?

Are you struggling to hit your sales number?

Do you get anxious or irritated quickly?

Are you not able to communicate with your potential buyer smoothly?

Well, first of all, take a deep breath and relax.

You just need to maintain your mental health, gain control over the current situation, and handle it with a calm mind. It is possible to win the emotional war and be productive while working remotely.

As per research, remote workers are 13% more productive.

How to fight the emotional war?

When stress increases, it impacts sales performance. You find it difficult to persuade a prospect and convert him/her into a paying customer. 

Before you hit rock bottom, let’s look at a few ways to fight the emotional war. 

Ponder over the current situation and think what can be done about it

Do not run away from the current situation; instead, react to it positively. Find the cause for this flow of negative emotions.

Are you stressed because you are confined to your home or because you aren’t able to achieve your sales targets?

Find out what is disturbing you. Once you find out the root cause, work on the solution. 

For instance, if you aren’t able to meet your targets, then try changing your sales approach. Due to the current crisis, you might have to change your sales strategies. So, do it; try everything you can to win more deals while working remotely. 

Manage your time and gain control over your habits 

Due to wastage of time, work piles up, and leads to stress. Time management is of paramount importance while working remotely. Create a daily schedule and devote the time needed for crucial sales tasks.

Eliminate distractions and stay focused while working from home. Try turning off notification to some of your apps, do not log into your social media accounts, and avoid unnecessary calls.

Make sure you stick to your schedule and do not postpone your tasks to the next day. Set the alarm if needed to ensure you are completing your tasks on-time.

Well, you can even use smart queues and put your tasks on autopilot. The smart queue is an excellent feature that most modern CRM provides to complete maximum tasks in less time. Thanks to this excellent feature, all the tasks will run one after the other in a series, adding more time to your day.

Try to fight stress and anxiety 

Rather than ignoring your stress, it is important to address and combat it. Speak to your manager or colleagues about the things that are bothering you and affecting your productivity. Even they are working remotely, so they can understand your situation and provide the right guidance. 

Watch various TED Talks or videos on Youtube to find ways to manage stress while working remotely. You’ll surely find many tips to reduce stress and deal with your negative emotions. 

Use modern technology 

The market is flooded with smart technologies like sales CRM, proposal generator, and time management tools that can make your life easier and stress-free while working remotely. 

So, leverage the benefits of such smart sales tools that allow you to organize and automate most of the time-consuming tasks. You can save a lot of time and boost your productive hours with such tools. 

Be your own cheerleader 

Self-motivation is important while working from home. There will be roadblocks on your path while working remotely. However, you need to be optimistic and overcome these roadblocks to achieve sales success. 

Set achievable goals and push yourself to perform better. Create sales reports and track your performance regularly. Work on improvement areas to achieve your sales goals. 

Set up an after-work ritual 

Make sure you start and complete your work on-time. Do not stretch your work hours.

Once you complete your work, dedicate a little time to relax, meditate, and learn new skills. Make it a routine. The more you learn, the better you’ll get. So, keep enhancing your sales skills.

Wrapping up

Working remotely is the new normal. So, get used to it. Try your best to stay productive and achieve your sales targets. Be calm and determined. Make sure you do not get distracted while working remotely. Keep track of your time and complete your sales tasks without any delay. 

Take the help of modern sales tools to maintain efficiency while working remotely. A sales CRM, like Salesmate CRM, can be of great help while working remotely. You can easily manage your deals, put your follow-ups on autopilot, create insightful sales reports, streamlines your sales process, and do a lot more with this advanced sales tool. It will help you in being organized and saving a lot of time. It is simple to use and offers many features that can help manage, nurture, and close more deals.

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