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real estate marketing automation

Real estate marketing automation for lead generation, outreach campaigns, and more

Did you know that 75% of all companies use at least one kind of marketing automation tool in their process?

And I find it not surprising at all.

Every marketing team needs automation and so does real estate. In this article, I’ll try to cover some of the common challenges real estate marketing teams face and how solid real estate marketing automation software can make life easier for them.

4 marketing challenges faced by real estate companies

real estate marketing team challenges

When it comes to real estate, there are many factors you need to consider if you want a streamlined business process. I’ve listed down 4 main challenges that real estate marketing teams face on a daily basis. 

1. Generating and maintaining the quality of leads

For any marketing team, generating quality leads and bringing them into CRM is a tough task. For a real estate marketing team, the real struggle is managing all the listings on platforms like Zillow, Realtor, etc. 

One of the most important responsibilities of a real estate marketing team is to generate sales-ready leads from the website. 

2. Unable to nurture leads 

You need to be in touch with your leads using exciting learning materials, offers, and exclusive deals.  

This is where you’ll need sorted prospect Lists & Segments.  

Real estate marketers find this challenging. They know what they want to send to the prospects. They also know whom to send emails to. The whole process is so extremely time-consuming! 

3. Truly understand visitors & customer behavior 

A website for your real estate business can work wonders! However, what if you don’t utilize it properly? 

If your prospect lands on a rental properties page, then it’s clear that they want to rent a house. But, when you’re not understanding your visitor’s actions, you won’t be able to find out about their preferences. Therefore, your visitors will end up receiving emails for a campaign that they’re not interested in.  

Real estate marketers can take help from live chat software that shows recent page views. This is how you can truly understand the prospect’s psychology. 

4. Ineffective execution of the campaigns 

Real estate email open rate is more than 20%, which is greater than the average open rate. It clearly means buyers are always interested in exploring new properties.  

But, one of the challenges for marketing teams is to align customers with the right campaigns.

Real estate marketing teams would perform with higher efficiency if campaigns hit the right spot. Learning about marketing automation tools and choosing one can help here (more on that later). 

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What is real estate marketing automation? 

Real estate marketing automation is the process of simplifying everyday marketing activities like communication, tasks, or campaigns. Using automation, your marketing team can reach the right prospects, at the right time, without working twice as hard.  

Real estate businesses can leverage automation to make their marketing campaigns and outreach more effective.  

Real estate marketing automation can help you in ensuring that your entire marketing process runs seamlessly. From lead identification, segmentation, to outreach, you can automate every process using marketing automation for real estate. 

How can real estate marketing automation streamline your process? 

Real estate marketing automation has revolutionized the entire real estate industry. It takes your business to greater heights and makes it stand out among your competitors.  

If you could relate to any of the challenges mentioned above, then real estate marketing automation is exactly what you need.  

We will understand how a real estate automation tool can save you a tone of time, while streamlining the process. 

1. Capture & nurture leads 

Managing leads can become tiring when you have numerous channels such as Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com, Homesnap, etc. So, how do you keep track of leads coming from all these channels?  

i) Capture leads using integrations 

You don’t need 7 different platforms to manage leads. It’s tiring! 

What you need is a system that can bring all your leads under one roof, so you can start the lead nurturing campaigns

Salesmate integrates with Zapier, which allows you to connect with all these platforms and other similar apps. With this powerful integration, you can easily collect leads from different platforms and segment them based on categories such as location, preference, etc.

ii) Capture leads using web forms 

Another way of capturing leads is using web forms.  

Simply put a form on your contact or money pages and bring the prospect information right into your real estate CRM

You can also use Salesmate’s Web Forms for collecting leads directly from your website by simply embedding the code. Moreover, you can also capture leads from your email marketing campaign by sending the link to the web form.  

Salesmate’s Web Forms enable you to build a targeted contact list using tags when you’re running multiple campaigns. 

iii) Capture leads using live chat automation 

You can automate lead capturing and assignment using live chat automation as well. This is a simple, yet efficient way of collecting leads and bringing them into your system. 

Salesmate’s Chat Journeys will help you create unique automations for your targeted pages. That means you can show personalized messages for each page. 

If you want to capture leads for all the people looking for a studio apartment in Chicago, this is how the Chat Journey would look like: 

Live chat journeys for real estate automation

2. Automate personalized outreach 

The main reason behind any successful outreach is personalization. When you provide exactly what your partners want, the probability of converting them increases. 

Implementing marketing automation in your real estate company can help you create and execute personalized outreach. Moreover, you can automate the follow-ups at your desired time. 

Execute marketing automation campaigns for real estate companies

Salesmate has a special feature that’ll help you automate your outreach, and it is called Sequences. With this feature, you can design the desired sequence of emails and texts, with your criteria.  

Sequences come up 20+ settings, so you can build up a follow-up system that suits your requirements. 

3. Automate real estate marketing campaigns 

Not only outreach, but you can automate all sorts of campaigns for your audience using marketing automation.  

For example, drip emails, onboarding emails, offers using emails & texts, newsletter subscription, and much more. 

With Salesmate Marketing Automation, you can execute such campaigns effortlessly. Moreover, you get 40+ triggers, actions, and conditions, so can design your dream campaign. 

Suppose you want to share a special offer with a selected set of prospects. All you have to do is create a list and your automation would look like this: 

Marketing automation journeys

4. Automate your marketing processes & tasks 

Real estate marketing automation can help you streamline your entire marketing process. From adding the lead to the subscriber’s list to sending emails and creating activities, automate entire journey by creating triggers that gets activated upon fulfilling a certain condition. 

Here’s a representation of how marketing campaigns can be executed with marketing automation –  

Running A/B test in Real estate Marketing Automation

Before you figure out the best approach for your marketing strategies, you need to experiment and execute different kinds of campaigns.  

With A/B split test, you can find out what kind of offers and elements your prospects prefer. You can split your campaigns by creating variations and sending different emails to your subscribers. 

5. Schedule meetings based on availability 

Using meeting scheduler for real estate agents

As a real estate marketer, you need to stay in constant touch with your partners and customers at various stages of your process.  

To ensure that you don’t miss out on any meetings or overbook your calendar, you can utilize a meeting scheduling tool to share your availability and schedule meetings quickly.  

With Salesmate Meeting Scheduler, you can organize your calendar, sync it with Google or Microsoft calendar to transfer all the data into your CRM. Moreover, you can easily create meetings and share them with a link or embed the code on your website. 


Real estate process can go haywire if you’re not alert. Along with executing business strategies, you need to leverage automation tools to create a streamlined process. Moreover, marketing automation is a feature that can fuel your growth.  

Salesmate is a platform that enables you to connect all your sales, marketing and service processes with the help of automation. You can create multiple automation journeys based on your requirements, execute your marketing campaigns and also analyze your performance, all within just one platform.

Dhara Thakkar

Dhara Thakkar is a seasoned marketer at Salesmate. She thrives on trying new organic strategies to improve traffic & conversions, and has in-depth knowledge on how search works. When she's not working, you will find her travelling or binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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