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30+ Real estate blogs every realtor should read in 2024

You can call yourself a good realtor if you have immense knowledge of the real estate industry’s latest trends, news, and marketing advice. You excel at your job because you are plugged into your niche.

But when it comes to starting your own real estate business or growing the one you already have, you need to do what your job really asks for.

You need to help your clients, and not just stick behind your computer screen.

Getting industry insights is a crucial requirement for your business, for which you must leverage the technology to its fullest potential.

When it comes to consuming news and trends of the real estate industry, the first thing that comes into your mind is Blogs. They can provide you with remarkable insights into the market while giving you a detailed vision of how you can further grow your business.

We have listed 32 such informative blogs that every realtor should go through regularly to get better at real estate sales this year.

But first, what is it that makes these blogs innovative and different from the others, and why should you invest your precious time in them?

What makes these real estate blogs worth your time?

Reading blogs about your niche can help you stay connected to your peers, industry, and consumers. Here is why these blogs are worth your time and can further help you grow your real estate business.

1. Quality content

Quality content should answer the questions that people in the real estate industry are asking. The best real estate blogs do just that; they provide detailed answers to your various questions.

2. Regularly published content

A blog that ranks well is the one that publishes content regularly. These blogs are no exceptions; most of them publish new content every week, with some posting daily.

3. Regular updates

Content needs to be optimized now and then so that it remains relevant to the current situations like changes in policies and laws, new taxation rules, etc. The following real estate blogs not only post new content regularly but also keep their previous content up-to-date.

4. Niche-specific

We have listed these real estate blogs according to the specific niches that they cater to since not every type of real estate investment is the same. So you can rely on each of them for being niche-driven and providing relevant content.

5. Easy navigation and clean design

Who likes it when you try to reach a website, and it takes forever to load? And then it opens only to be covered under advertisement banners. For the following real estate blogs, rest assured that they have a simple page design for easy navigation and smooth functionality.

30+ Real estate blogs for realtors to read in 2024

There’s no end to how much content is available on the web these days. However, not all of it is reliable and consistent. Hence, we have listed 32 real estate blogs that are informative for the realtors like you and can provide you with good knowledge of how to grow your real estate business in no time.

These blogs are listed according to their niches, so navigate through the list to find your favorite.

1. Zillow Porchlight

This consumer-focused blog is a real estate and rental marketplace, providing customers with quality information about renting, buying, financing, remodeling, etc. They also provide information on new legislation affecting the homeowners.

2. Trulia

You can find rental and selling listings here. It gives an in-depth insight into schools and neighborhoods so that buying and selling become easier. With a separate section “Money Matters”, it helps buyers obtain a good credit score to save for their first house. It provides housing market analysis and insights on the economy and affordable buying in a different subheading.

3. AgentAdvice

Agent Advice blog helps real estate agents with anything related to real estate marketing best practices, ways to increase production, and impending industry trends. With writings by actual estate professionals, you’re sure to discover what you need to take your output up a notch or two.

4. Redfin Real-time

Redfin is a real estate brokerage working to reinvent real estate in favor of consumers. It’s a one-stop-shop for readers who want to learn about owning, buying, and selling real estate. It has a huge database of buyers information that they regularly share on their signature blog.

5. RealWealth

Real wealth has comprehensive content that provides information about real estate investing. They also have daily and weekly podcasts that can be helpful for buyers and sellers, and even investors!

6. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets aims to educate people about real estate investing and serves as a social platform where you can network, market, and close deals. It offers tips and free resources on real estate. BiggerPockets is one of the best online educational resources for investors.

7. Forbes | Real estate

Forbes is a leading source of information on current analysis and news. There are frequent, helpful articles on how, when, and where to invest in real estate. They post around four blogs every day so that you might find more content in a single place!

8. Fundrise

Expertizing in how-to articles and advice blogs, Fundrise explains how you can make profitable investments into real estate, whether you are new to this niche or a seasoned expert. You can also find a glossary of terms associated with real estate to understand the industry better.

9. Afford anything

Paula Pant, the author of this blog, achieved financial independence through buying rental properties. She answers some crucial questions about the real estate market- how to align our daily habits with a lifestyle we value and how we can make smarter decisions about our hard-earned money.

10. Fortune Builders

This blog contains information on investing and general financing and provides tips on how to increase your properties’ value. They teach people how to invest in real estate and take control of their financial future.

11. Realty Mogul

You can stay up-to-date with investing news for commercial and residential properties, as Realty Mogul’s series #MogulMinutes helps real estate investors know more about the nitty-gritty of it.

It is a knowledge center for people who wish to invest in real estate, learn about commercial as well as residential properties, or get insights on the market.

12. Landlordology

This blog is all you need if you are a landlord. It gives property management insights, real estate investing, finding and screening tenants, insurance, leases, maintenance and renovations, rent and expenses, security deposits, and more. It also provides detailed, step-by-step guides for landlords and state-specific laws and regulations.

13. Mashvisor

This is where you find knowledge, strategies, and tips for better real estate investing. This blog provides its readers with top housing markets, cities to invest in, contacts of agents, and property analysis. Mashvisor is a resourceful blog that provides wide range of information with multiple posts every day.

14. Invest Four More

This blog is written by a successful real estate agent, entrepreneur, author, and real estate investor Mark Furgeson, who shares his tips and tricks with his readers. Learn how he managed to make $3,7 million in equity with rental properties and how you can create your empire, and how you can start your life on the right foot with real estate.

15. Coach Carson

Chad Carson shares his ideas about real estate investing and recommends books, tools, and other resources on this blog. He has mentioned 85 tools to become a real estate investor. With a vast knowledge of real estate investing, Carson today, is independent of a regular job, and he teaches people about it too!

16. REtipster

REtipster helps new and experienced real estate investors with strategies and ideas for more effective ways to run their business. They also cover land investing, finding deals, and selling properties fast. They also review products and services in the real estate industry.

17. Flipping junkie

This blog tells you how to make money out of flipping houses, with tips on deal analysis, buying properties, fixing them, and then selling. It has some of the most detailed How-to blogs out there and tells readers the journey of the author Danny Johnsson, who attained financial freedom by flipping.

18. Dough Roller

These blogs focus on how to make and save money, along with tips on real estate investing. You can find some useful information on asset allocation, saving strategies, and tips for financial freedom.

19. Inman

The blog is an independent real estate news portal that provides daily news and technology updates. Inman offers daily news and technology advice, helps realtors to stay updated with the trends and new products as well as services in the real estate industry with as many as 29 posts per day. 

20. CNBC- Real estate news

CNBC has a whole branch dedicated to providing real estate news to realtors and investors. Their headlines include information related to the housing industry, mortgages, etc. Know how you can make the best out of latest trends in the industry and the new opportunities that are growing in real estate.

21. Realty biz news

This is an excellent source for news impacting realtors, contractors, investors, and consumers. Other topics include technology and marketing in real estate, housing resources, and the latest housing trends. Be it commercial or residential, you can get updates for both on this blog.

22. Housing wire

Housing wire is an independent source for news, commentaries, and analysis on evey aspect of real estate market. You can find the latest trends in interest rates, finances, and regulations on this blog. They also provide analysis on the entire mortgage, real estate, and housing economy.

23. Realty times

This is one of the most trusted sources of information on the real estate economy, which also talks about women in real estate and outlook for specific housing markets. They are the most trusted source of information for buyers, sellers, agents, mortgage advices, and more.

24. Realtor.com

This is the one-stop for everything you need to know about real estate. Be it market trends, renovation ideas, buying and selling, and how-to’s; this blog has it all. Realtor.com contains all the necessary information for the newbies as well as experienced investors in real estate.

25. Nationals Association of Realtors

NAR offers readers all sorts of information in the form of research studies, websites, books, news, and tips for anyone interested in real estate. It’s a great tool for realtors, even though their posting frequency is quite less, around 18 posts a year, however, it is a trusted source for real estate professionals.

26. Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

KW Realty is the largest real estate franchise with 800 offices and 150,000 associates working across the globe. Their blog, Outfront, provides in-depth information on the business, lives, and success strategies used in real estate.

27. Home Light

Home light provides its readers with views on real estate agents, home sell data, and historical data. You can find hundreds of articles, guides, and tools for real estate agents and experts from all over the country. If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, then this blog is a must read for you.

28. Realtor Magazine

This online, as well as printed editorial, provides information on how to achieve real estate success. It can also give expert insights into what’s trending, best industry practices, timely decision-making advices and business strategies. The NAR publishes around 4 blogs on this magazine per year. 

29. Keeping current matters

Keeping current matters has a misison of changing the way real estate advisors serve and educate their clients. Focusing on the millennial, this blog shares knowledge about everything real estate. Their blogs include tips for buyers and sellers, information on interest rates, and investing strategies.

30. The Commercial Journals

This blog provides information on real estate from across 43 cities in the U.S. to help their readers stay updated with important commercial real estate news. With 3 blogs per week, you can find vital commercial real estate information on this website.

31. Commercial property executive

This is a leading source for executives and companies that own, invest in, develop, lease, or manage commercial real estate. They include reports on finance, sustainability, technology, property management, and legal and regulatory issues. With regular updates, as many as 4 per day, it’s no doubt you can rely on this blog for regular information.

32. The Business Journals

This blog is the residential domain of The Business Journals that provide information on real estate from across 43 cities in the U.S. to help their readers stay updated with important commercial real estate news.

“Read today to lead tomorrow.”

Realtors need to gain more knowledge about real estate to lead their customers into a better buying and selling experience while growing their business like never before.

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