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March 2023 Product Updates Updated

🚀 Salesmate Experience Updates: 11 exciting things happened this March

A couple of important additions and improvements this month.  

There’s no specific theme to this month’s updates, but we have meaningful changes to Automation Journeys, Chat Journeys, Add-ons, etc.

And also, Lead Parsing is here! 

Long story short, we picked issues based on customer interactions and went with them. 

Hope you find these updates useful 😊  

1. Plan communication sensibly with Sequence Filters 

Sequence Contact Filtering

Communication wins customers – that’s a fact and we know it. 

But sometimes, we completely lose track and end up communicating with subscribers/prospects a bit too much!   

That’s why Sequence filters are here, so you can find out exactly how many contacts are enrolled in Sequences right now. Or you can find out which Sequence ended last, so you can plan a new campaign for these specific contacts.  

In simple words, these filters will help you identify contacts associated with different Sequences with their respective stages, so you can plan your communication in a sensible way. 

Learn more about Sequence Filters 

2. Deeper email insights for contacts using new filters 

Email Contact Filtering

If you are always curious about knowing who opened or replied to an email with a subject, campaign, or template, then our new search feature is for you. No more jumping between multiple contacts to see if they have opened your email or not; simply filter them out and plan your next set of actions.

3. Full-proof Sequence communications 

Send test email and text in Sequences

We have added a new option to send a test email and text before making the Sequence live. 

Quickly choose a deal or contact to see how personalization fields will appear within your email and how specific contact is going to view it within their inbox. This new option is available under any of the sequence steps, simply click on the Actions buttons and select the “Send Test Email” option from the list. 

4. Take personalized outbound messaging to the next level with Contact & Company fields in Chat Journeys 

Chat Journeys Contacts & Company Fields

It’s much easier to leverage Chat Journeys for highly personalized outbound messaging.  

While choosing Audience, you can find all the Contact and Company fields. So now, you can choose a specific audience to show personalized messages, offers, promotions, etc. 

So, targeting a message to a handful of customers is also possible with Chat Journeys. 

5. Associate Tags to Chat Journey conversations for stronger insights 

Add a Tag

Tags are one of the most crucial elements in conversation analysis, especially after the new Tag Reports. 

And this update will power up the analysis further.   

You can associate multiple tags to conversations handled by Chat Journeys. 

It’s super helpful when you have multiple automation in motion. For example, you’d be able to see the number of conversations the bot handled for Pricing, Customer Support, Feature Requests, etc.  

Learn about Tags to Chat Journey 

6. Improve outbound messaging with a new Chat Journey trigger 

Event Trigger Chat Journeys

Our chat journeys now support a new trigger called “Event”, which broadens the scope of possibilities. Now send a message or show help to the visitor when they interact with your website or App. E.g., Triggering a chat journey is possible when they add or remove a product from the cart, book a meeting, or even submit a form for a case study download.  

7. Bring out lead data from your lead source emails automatically 

Lead Parsing

Every business relies on multiple sources for quality leads.  

The real problem is when some providers share lead information via email. Though these emails are very simple in nature, they come with a big problem! 

You have to manually create new leads by copy-pasting their names, companies, and locations, into CRM.  

A lead parser can simplify this task and save hours of manual data entry for you. 

We are launching email parsers to automatically bring out lead data from such emails and turn them into Contacts in Salesmate. 

With Salesmate’s email parsers… 

  • You can directly assign these leads to a user or a team (round-robin) 
  • You can associate Tags that can be amazing filters for sorting 
  • You can directly add them to a List for shooting highly personalized campaigns 

So, no more data entry for these emails, all you have to do is choose from the list of pre-defined providers or set up a custom provider. 

Don’t worry, the process is quite simple for both.  

You can learn more about them in our support article or connect with our customer success team for a quick solution. 

Right now, we have started with two lead providers – Homepie and IndiaMART. If you want us to add more lead sources, please connect with our support team. We’d be happy to move forward with your request 🙂

8. Contact creation for text received from unknown numbers 

Create Contact From Unknown Number

A simple text response can deliver an amazing experience for your brand. And you know, you can very well automate using Salesmate. 

But that was particularly difficult when a text is coming from an unknown number.  

Well, not anymore. 

Now, in Automation Journeys, you can create new contacts when text messages are received from unknown numbers. Salesmate will use the phone number as the name and create a new contact. 

Once a contact is created in Salesmate, you can execute further steps of automation and push them through the journey! 

Learn more about it 

9. Deal Stage Duration Report 

Deal Stage Duration Report

Deal stage duration reports provide you with detailed insights about how long each deal spends in each stage of your Sales pipeline.  

This is extremely useful when you want to refine your processes and identify the stage which can be optimized to shorten the sales cycle. 

10. Crucial insights for BigCommerce store owners with new Widgets 

BigCommerce Widgets

After connecting your BigCommerce Store with Salesmate, you’ll be able to see important insights in the Contact detail view. We have added three new widgets that’ll fetch insights from the store. 

  • Recent Searches 
  • Recently Viewed Products 
  • Products in Cart 

11. A better experience with secured email links 

Now Salesmate custom email tracking links are SSL supported, so no more blocking by email or virus scanners tools. It will give your customers peace of mind that they are not clicking anything spammy.  

Kashyap Trivedi

Kashyap Trivedi is working with an awesome marketing team at Salesmate CRM. He is deeply interested in learning digital marketing trends and try them out! When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading a good book or meditating.

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