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Power Your Sales Management Process with CRM

Power your sales management process with CRM

6 Min read

Smart management and selling are essential to be the frontrunner in this competitive landscape.

Sales teams as well as the managers leading them need to be on their toes to capture every opportunity.

In this constantly changing market scenario, stepping ahead of the competitors becomes a challenging task for the organizations.

Direct your sales efforts to a profitable route by fusing your sales management process with a a smart sales management CRM.

Such a tool helps your business in augmenting sales volume, stimulating growth and boosting profit margin.

For meeting the rising business challenges and surpassing the competitors, companies have been turning towards CRM as it is a complete solution to sales.

Sales management – A challenging game to play

With company’s high sales expectations and pressure, sales management becomes a complicated process to handle.

The tale doesn’t end here.

Sales managers must handle the sales force, comprising of different characteristics. These individuals have their own way to function and address the assigned sales tasks.

The sales leaders need to monitor and track each of them separately to keep an eye on their performance and address the problems plaguing them while engaging with a deal.

Besides concentrating on maximizing the profit of the team, they also need to deliver best possible value to the customers.

Isn’t it a little too much for a single person to effectively manage these multiple responsibilities?

Well, it isn’t.

CRM tool is the perfect solution to their problems

With a customer relationship management tool, sales leaders can seamlessly handle various responsibilities attached to their role.

They can also outperform and exceed the sales expectations of the organization.

It is a lucrative tool that helps sales managers optimize their teams sales performance; maximizing the selling opportunities.

A sales CRM also keeps everyone on the same page.

The tool gives the sales leader a clear visibility of the sales pipeline of each of his team member.

By using a CRM, the sales head can stay abreast with vital sales progress information.

This will allow them to know who is leading and which sales rep needs help to successfully move ahead.

Moreover, they can keep a track of their potential customers’ stage in the sales pipeline.

How can a CRM Help in Controlling Your Sales Management Process?

Track progress by staying vigilant with team’s daily activities

To identify your team’s strong and weak areas, you need to track their daily outbound activities.

Keep an account on the calls they make, emails they send and the meeting they attend.

Doing all this seems impossible when you have too many responsibilities to handle.

A cloud based CRM can do all that for you.

With insightful reports of outbound activities, you can get structured data with in-depth information of all the activities like calls, emails and meetings per sales rep.

You can compile all this data at one place, track it daily and view the progress status of each team member.

Analyze metrics

Metrics are useful numbers for evaluating your sales team’s performance and analyzing sales process to detect patterns that work.

A CRM makes your job easy by helping you in acquiring and maintaining these important numbers.

With key sales metrics in front of your eyes, you can focus on the health and growth of your team’s sales.

Using CRM filters, you can create a view to track essential metrics like

  • calls-per-day
  • total number of deals
  • deal closer ratio
  • prospect response time
  • opportunity win rate

Such information help in successfully planning and controlling the sales.

Help in forecasting sales

The sales head is answerable to the top management. This individual must present a report that shares information regarding

  • sales achieved in the past
  • the tentative number of sales they will achieve in the future

For providing such records, precise information is required and a CRM can be of great help in creating the accurate view of the sales.

With a CRM, you can forecast the sales your team will achieve in the future by analyzing the past performance reports.

Such projective sales data is useful in planning the strategies to augment the sales volume.

Forecasting made easy with Sales Forecasting Tool from Salesmate CRM

Assign Tasks

A sales head needs to be very careful while delegating tasks.

Even distribution of contact and companies is essential.

It ensures each teammate gets equal opportunities and there isn’t any conflict within the team.

Assigning task gets easier using a CRM with workflow automation.

Whenever an activity, deal or contact gets created inside your CRM, the workflow ’’trigger’ automatically assigns it to your team.

Once you set the workflow, you don’t need to worry about that task.

The CRM will assign the tasks automatically.

The workfow will also send out reminders to the tem mamebers via emails and dashboard notifications.

This way, you can check if your team is meeting the deadline and save your valuable time to focus on more important aspects of sales.

Salesmate’s sales goal tracking tool helps you track assigned sales tasks.

Sales Pipeline Tracking

Take a closer look at your sales pipeline to understand how you are engaging with your prospects and customers.

Managing a sales pipeline becomes tough when required measures are not taken at the right time.

Try to understand at which stage do maximum members of your team get stuck and what is the reason for the issue.

Recommended reading: Effective Ways to Deal With Stalled Deals

A CRM gives you a complete visibility of the sales pipeline to monitor your team’s performance at each stage.

It reveals the issue faced by them and provides every bit of information connected with the deal.

You can easily know

  • which deals exist in the sales pipeline
  • which are stalled for a long time
  • how much time does your rep takes to move a deal from one stage to other etc.

Using this information, work on areas of improvement to quickly move the deal through all the stages your sales pipeline.

Afterall, the ultimate goal is to increase the overall sales of your team.

Check out Salesmate Sales Pipeline Management Tool

The Final Words

Your sales team cannot survive this competitive landscape without your sales manager successfully managing the sales process.

CRM makes sales management very much easier.

A flexible and intuitive CRM like Salesmate can aid in

  • managing sales
  • identifying the sales performance
  • closing the gaps in sales process

Combine your sales efforts with a Smart CRM to achieve better sales results.

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