• Workflow-automation-software
    Workflow Automation

    4 signs you need a workflow automation software

    The health of a business depends on how well the goals are achieved. However, goals...

  • solar CRM
    CRM Tips

    Factors to consider while selecting a solar CRM

    Energy-saving and emission reduction is becoming a global interest. The solar industry has been gaining...

  • MPZMail Salesmate Integration
    CRM Integration

    Enhanced marketing automation with Salesmate CRM and MPZMail Integration

    The integration between Salesmate CRM and MPZMail will enable our users to synchronize their Salesmate contacts...

  • Effective contact management turns customers into brand promoters

    Turn customers into brand promoters with contact management

    The millennial have been running through all the business details of their favorite brands all...

  • Saving businesses as contact and tracking on-field sales team
    Product Updates

    Save calls against companies and track on-field sales team

    Thank you so much for being a part of Salesmate’s journey till now. We are...

  • Great user experience CRM
    Company News

    Salesmate CRM honored with great user experience & rising star awards

    Salesmate CRM was recently awarded the Great User Experience and Rising Star of 2018 awards...

  • sales calls
    Sales Call

    Six ways to improve your sales calls [Infographic]

    Sales calls are the best route to reach prospects. You can conveniently share the information...

  • What is CRM
    CRM Tips

    What is CRM – Everything you need to know about

    As a business owner or a salesperson, you must be aware of the term ‘CRM...

  • Building-a-customer-service-team

    Building a customer service team that is also a sales team

    The value of great customer service in generating additional sales cannot be overstated. 62% of...