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New updates to enhance your meeting experience like never before!

Salesmate is an ever-evolving platform and updating new features every now and then is second nature. Our team of experts is always thinking about “what’s next?” for the clients, so they have come up with a line of new features that will make you more productive and enhance your experience of using Salesmate further. 

Let’s dive into the new features rolling out this month: 

1. Salesmate’s new meeting scheduler is here to take away the hassle of booking meetings 

Ever gone to-and-fro for days with a contact, struggling to find the perfect time for a meeting? Or even worse, opened your calendar and found out that two different contacts have booked the same slot?  

Back-and-forth emailing with your prospects to find a meeting time could be the friction that costs you a deal. Rescheduling a meeting because you realize you’ve double-booked the same slot can lead to a potential customer being frustrated.  

After all, your customers expect you to handle these simple administrative tasks.  

How would you like if you could just set up your calendar showing all your available dates and time that can be shared with the clients via a simple link, allowing them to choose a time slot that fits everyone’s availability? 

Salesmate’s product team has been vigorously working on resolving the hassle that goes behind scheduling meetings. Hence, came about Salesmate’s Meeting Scheduler! 

How does Salesmate’s Meeting Scheduler work?

Salesmate now offers an automated process to schedule your meetings without any confusion or mismanagement of time. 

Here’s how you can share your time availability with your customers: 

  • Create a Meeting Scheduler inside Salesmate that includes your available dates and time, and share the link with your clients via emails or even showcase it directly on the website. 
  • Connect your Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendar with your Salesmate and manage meetings from inside the CRM. 

Salesmate uncomplicates meeting scheduling with the four types of calendars: 

With Salesmate, you can create 100 meeting schedulers, by selecting any of the following scheduler types: 

  • One-to-one meetings 
  • Group meetings 
  • Team meetings 
  • Round Robin 

Set up your meeting scheduler with these simple steps: 

  • Set your regular availability in your meeting scheduler- the dates, and times where you can take the meeting, and choose what to do with the holidays as well. 
  • Choose your preferred meeting length and the time and dates when you are free. 
  • Customize the fields in forms that you want the customers to fill, and capture the required data from them. 
  • Select the maximum number of events you want to attend in a day, and once this number is reached, your calendar will show you ‘unavailable’ for the day. 

Share your Meeting Scheduler with your clients with just a link: 

  • Once you create the meeting scheduler, it will be saved with a shareable link of its own. 
  • This link can be emailed to the clients or even embedded on the website. 
  • Once the customer fills out the form and selects a slot for the meeting, both of you will receive a confirmation email, and the newly scheduled meeting will be automatically updated on your calendar. 
  • The booked slot will now be invisible to anyone who tries to book a meeting with you. 

Try the new Meeting Scheduler by Salesmate and improve your meeting experience 

Make it easier for your customers to connect with you and book meetings with this new feature by Salesmate. 

Until now, you were using teams feature only for reporting, but now, with the help of automation, you can also implement Round Robin. 

Meeting Scheduler works with Teams feature and allows a customer to book meetings with the entire team at once, depending on the available slot of each member.

Check out our support article to learn more about Meeting Scheduler.

2. Improvised activity module 

Since the new updates are rolling out, there are some necessary changes made in the activity module as well, which are: 

  • Have the flexibility to choose start and end dates instead of the duration option for every meeting.
  • See all your available time slots right on the screen so that you never double book yourself. 
  • Plan your internal tasks without blocking your availability on the calendar with the new “Availability” feature. 
  • Write notes for your team members for each meeting, even while sending a calendar invite to your end clients. Internal notes are accessible to your teammates only and are not visible to customers. 
  • We have merged the participant and teammate fields, and now it is called “Followers”. You can now add any user, an external vendor, or a client here for internal tracking.  
  • We have a new section specially designed for calendar syncing, where you can send invites to your clients, add a location for an in-person meeting, or add the option of call or video conferencing (Zoom meeting) and choose the recurrence for your meeting.

Check out our support article to learn more about Activity module changes.

So, what’s keeping you behind now? 

Dive into your Salesmate CRM and enjoy the new feature to make your meetings more productive and close more deals instantly! 

Parijat Lamba

Being an avid reader, Parijat developed a keen interest in writing at a very young age. She's passionate about topics like Spirituality, History, Psychology, and Philosophy. She's now a Product Specialist at Salesmate and strives to write her own novel someday.

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