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Six new reports added to your CRM for enhanced team efficiency

It’s the second month of 2021, and we are excited about the new updates that are rolling out in the first week of February itself! We are proud to announce six new reports specifically designed to enhance your sales team’s efficiency and boost your acceleration towards your goals. 

Here’s a quick glimpse of the six new reports of your advanced and productive Salesmate CRM: 

1. Call Summary Report (Calls vs Talk Time) 

With an overall summary of the number of calls made and time spent by each user over a selected period of time, get an idea about the performance of each of the sales reps from your team. Increase your team’s sales by using this data to plan the team’s next move and turn your team into a revenue-generating machine. 

2. Call Duration by Each Sales Rep (Inbound vs. Outbound Calls) 

To give you a closer look at your team’s performance, this visual representation tells you how much time is spent on your inbound vs. outbound calls for each rep. This high-level reporting can help you determine the right support structure for your business.  

3. Call Logs 

Take another peek into the work that your team produces with Call Log Reports. You can go through the call recordings to better understand how your reps are conversing with the prospects. This gives the opportunity for managers to listen to calls and train their reps to perform their best. 

4. Goal Report by Deals Won Count

Goals are golden for every sales rep. And not having a clear picture of the goals can be fatal for them. Salesmate has got a solution for it as well! Your sales reps can now track their goals and the deals won on the dashboard, and evaluate their performance within a defined goal period. 

5. Goal Report by Deals Won Value

Just like the deals, your sales reps can also assess their revenue generation in comparison to their set goals for a specific time period. With this report, your reps can stay motivated to increase their output and win more revenue to meet their goal. 

6. Deal Count by Pipeline Stages

This is the ultimate Performance Report of your team. You can utilize Sales Pipeline stages set by your Sales Reps to track which leads are stuck at which stages and how many deals are present in the sales funnel. With the help of this report, you can aid your team in helping them push the deals through the sales pipeline. 

We know what you’re thinking- “My team is going to be invincible with these new reports!” 

Yes, they are going to be unstoppable, now that you have more tools to evaluate them based on their calls and activities! So, go ahead, become a super-team and close more deals with a bang! 

Though this is it for this release, we’ll keep you updated on more, as always!

Parijat Lamba

Being an avid reader, Parijat developed a keen interest in writing at a very young age. She's passionate about topics like Spirituality, History, Psychology, and Philosophy. She's now a Product Specialist at Salesmate and strives to write her own novel someday.

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