Few years back when Airbnb came into existence, lots of experts rejected the idea of shared economy. They felt that people will not be ready to share their vacant space and model will not work. But rest is the history. Similarly a lot of startups like JustPark, Wework and several others came into market with shared economy model. So, what can we learn from these stories to get inspired for CRM implementation?

Closing a Deal involves lots of communication and data. While you are managing every interaction in your CRM, there are chances that they remain private to yourself.

Your sales executive is building that important capital by hard work, but it’s getting under-utilised. While creating Salesmate, we focused on different features to take maximum benefits of data, where data can be shared at different levels making it private, public, read only or read & write.

To efficiently collaborate within the team, sharing of data and derived learning among teammates can help individuals achieve their maximum potential.

Cross sell opportunities

Your team mates can checkout interactions and learn about up / cross sell opportunities. They can also identify strong connections of your team mate with client, who can be easily approachable for selling new products or services.

Optimise favourable circumstances

There are the days when you are busy with some conference, project work or personal issue. What will happen if any opportunity arrives from the client, who was working with you? You can’t dare to lose it. As all data and interactions are shared with your teammates, any of them can quickly handle it and generate revenue from it.

Cost saving

With shared data, your professional network can grow easily. You can reach out to new people for leads or referrals. And it’s pretty obvious that generating business from current customers is always cost effective than getting new customers on board.

As it’s perceived that sales executives don’t prefer to share data, but it can really be helpful to improve your network and business by multiple folds. Salesmate helps you share data with teammates and milk new opportunities. So are you ready to collaborate efficiently by sharing data in real-time?

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