Enhanced on-the-go communication of your sales team for iOS and Android app

We are back with some exciting news for the new year! iOS and Android app users have much more to look forward to with our latest update.

What’s new:

  1. Attach multiple files to email
  2. Mention users inside notes within your mobile apps

1. Attach multiple files to email

Attach multiple files to email

After updating to the latest version of our mobile CRM app, users will be able to insert multiple attachments at a time while sending emails to their prospect or clients. This update will save more time as your sales team members will not have to wait for selecting files and attaching them to the email individually.

Add multiple files inside record of every module

Be it contact, company, activity or deal, your Salesmate iOS, and Android apps are now capable of selecting and uploading multiple files from their device storage to any of these modules. This will benefit your team in a major way as all these attachments will be available for them to access when they are in the field or with an important client.

2. Mention users inside notes within your mobile CRM

Mention users inside notes within your mobile apps

Your sales team will not miss out on those revenue-critical deal due to miscommunication or lack of communication anymore. In our latest app update, we have enabled our users to mention their team members while taking notes.

This will allow you to send important updates regarding a deal, contact, company or activity to your teammate and always stay on top of your sales process while using our mobile apps. Now, use @mentions to get someone’s attention and quick updates.

By updating the app on the Play Store or App Store, Android, iPhone, and iPad users can boost their productivity with the feature enhancements.

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