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Why should businesses bother about integrating G Suite (Google apps) with a CRM?

Small businesses have high expectations with their sales teams. Obviously, you have invested in them so you ought to expect returns from your investments. But, how often do you take interest in understanding the issues they face during sales.

Unorganized data, scattered contacts, manual data entry, maintaining numerous versions of a document, switching to different applications for various purposes and many other such chores consume their precious time. Closing a deal becomes an impossible task when your sales team is not conversant with the right technology. In such situations, implementing the latest technology seems appealing but the question is – can your sales team easily adapt the tool you choose for them?

Time is an important factor in sales, and your sales teams aren’t blessed with extra hours to learn a new technology or handle too many sales tools. They need a technology that has a simple interface and can be easily synced with the apps they are already using.

A cloud-based CRM can be of great help to your sales professionals, but to be truly valuable it needs to be appropriately utilized. Like integrating it with your G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for work) to make the workflow seamless and capitalize on opportunities. Using Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and other G Suite apps get simpler when you use them in context with your CRM. It helps you to collaborate better and work faster to achieve better results.

Before delving deeper into this useful integration, let’s first understand why do you need to be in the cloud and why should you consider G suite for your business.

Take the cloud route for accelerating sales and business growth

Cloud technology has revolutionized the way small business functions, it offers accessibility to a broad spectrum of features that only big giants of the industry could afford earlier. It is a cost-effective solution that helps you in delivering faster results with better quality for quickly taking your small business to the peak of success. Now everything from customer relations to data as well as sales can be seamlessly managed on the cloud without any geographical limitations or hindrances.

Using a cloud based Sales CRM have been a game changer for sales professionals by taking them beyond their cubicles and rendering the ease to work from anywhere using internet-enabled devices.

It –

  • Augments productivity
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Keeps documents up to date
  • Safeguards vital data

Using cloud-based CRM, sales teams in different locations can effortlessly discuss the documents without the need of emailing them. It makes work quicker, simpler and convenient.

A cloud-based CRM doesn’t only aids in organizing data but it also helps in collecting customer related information from diverse sources. You can automate most of the unproductive tasks that have been occupying your valuable time. As per a research conducted by Aberdeen group, ’’companies using sales automation have witnessed 53% higher conversion rates’’.

With this cloud solution, you can easily integrate with the apps you are already active on to avoid any interruption in your work. You can work more efficiently when you integrate your CRM with applications you are already familiar with.

Cloud CRM gives companies a competitive edge by –

  • Streamlining their internal processes
  • Facilitating better opportunities
  • Boosting collaborative productivity
  • Rendering a better insight into their sales process with in-depth analytics

G Suite (Google App) – The leading productivity suite

Google Apps have been a part of the business world for decades, to ameliorate the user experience it was rebranded as ’’G Suite’’ by the tech giant- Google in the fall of 2016. It is a productive tool that helps you to work freely in the cloud. Due to its excellent features, G Suite has become a standard for internal workflow making things easier for professionals.

G Suite covers a wide range of applications that are widely used in business like –

  • Docs word processor
  • Google hangouts
  • Sheets spreadsheet editor
  • File storage platform drive and many more.

It boosts collaborative efforts allowing multiple users to access and edit the same document. Being on the cloud your data is safe; you don’t need to fear about losing your crucial information as all the changes automatically get saved and backed up in Google cloud. All you require is a device with internet connection. G Suite gives you the flexibility to integrate with third-party application to work seamlessly with more features.

The power of two- Integrating G Suite with CRM

You have seen the solo potential of these two impeccable tools. When integrated, they work as a powerful entity rendering many benefits in one box. It increases productivity and saves a lot of time.

As most of the sales reps are already familiar with Google Apps, they don’t need to put extra efforts to learn something new, they can effortlessly integrate it with their sales CRM and work efficiently without having to swap between applications.

Example: Now you do not need to search a contact’s information from the excel sheet and then go to your Gmail to send an email. You can have quick access to your customer’s details in your CRM and email them from there itself.

  • By setting workflows, you can automate most of the activities and eliminate the cumbersome job of manual entry. With frequent notification and reminders, you can perform your various tasks on time.

Using the exclusive functionalities of a CRM like Salesmate and exceptional features of G Suite together you can manage your tasks more effectively and take your selling to the next level.

There are numerous benefits of this integration; below I have listed a few to show you how you can leverage the potential of your Google CRM.

Managing documents gets hassle-free by syncing with Google Drive & Doc

CRM-Drive Integration

Easily maintain all your business documents by syncing Google Drive with your CRM. Now, effortlessly create and edit documents from anywhere. Quickly upload a document in a Google Doc and share it with various records.

  • It adds ease to your workflow by allowing you to link your files with specific contacts directly from your Google Drive.
  • Reduces duplication as well as the chances of storing multiple versions of a document.

With easy access to the vital documents, you can seamlessly update the information and share it across with your teammates to ensure everyone gets access to the most up to date version of the file.

Avoid extra work by efficiently handling your contacts

Google Contacts Integration With Salesmate

As mentioned above, sales reps have little time and too many tasks on their to-do list. In this busy scenario, they cannot afford to waste their time in maintaining contacts on two different platforms.

With CRM ’ G Suite integration, they can seamlessly import the google contact in their sales CRM and work from there without having to flounder to search a specific contact. All the contacts are systematically organized at one single place in the CRM, so it easy to find and connect faster without any difficulty.

Don’t miss an opportunity get notified on time by syncing Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Integration With CRM

By integrating the two powerful tools, you can easily synchronize the activities created in Google Calendar with your Sales CRM and vice versa. This will help you in staying updated with all your activities and appointments by getting instantly notified. With quick reminders, you can connect with your customers on-time and maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Avoid unorganized emails with Gmail-CRM integration

Digging a critical email from a cluttered inbox or toggling between Gmail and a sales CRM can again be a time-consuming task for a sales professional. With the option to integrate, they can easily avoid it and systematically manage all their emails in one place.

Gmail Integration

With high sales pressure it becomes difficult for a sales rep to recollect the last conversation but by syncing the two, they can keep their conversation organized to start from where they left last. However, by keeping their CRM and Google synced, they can also keep a track on their emails to know when an email is clicked or opened.

To conclude

For helping your professionals outperform you need to acquaint them with the right tool like Salesmate CRM that allows them to automate processes, streamline workflow, track opportunities and integrate with an application like G Suite that makes their work a lot easier. As you have seen above G Suite has numerous benefits, and they are doubled when integrated with a high-end sales solution like Salesmate CRM.


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