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How sales software can change your online business!

We can all agree that sales in online business are the trickiest part. Why is it hard? Back in the day, people could literally sell anything and make money. The competition was limited; technology wasn’t as handy. In short, they didn’t have sales software!

If you are an existing or a new online business entrepreneur, then you must be aware of the tedious eCommerce consequences. From finding the right products to sell, capturing quality leads, or finding the ideal prospects – every hassle is one way or another connected with business sales. Now, we all know Amazon as the biggest competitor; technology is in our pockets. However, as much as things are getting complicated, they are becoming easier too.

Here is when sales software comes into play. Sales software is a system that allows sales agents to gain quality insights into top performance indicators across their organization. It helps you meet and improve your sales goals quickly and monitor them in real-time.

According to the Salespeople Perceptions and Top Performance Study 2018, 61% of salespeople share it’s harder to sell now compared to 5 years before while 54% of the respondents reveal getting in front of prospects is more difficult.

Due to the increasingly congested online business market and its fast-paced environment, implementing the right tools to your workflow is crucial so you can keep up with the challenges and stay competitive. With that, here are the top 7 ways how an online business can improve its sales processes using sales software.

5 Ways How Sales Software Can Change Your Online Business

1. Efficient Sales Workforce

If you are running an online business but unsure how to boost sales, sales CRM is the way to go. Sales management software enables the company to keep its sales workforce organized. The software can assist with customer information right away, track emails, and schedule appointments within minutes.

Sales automation allows you to monitor, track, and evaluate the daily performances of your sales workforce. This way, you can quickly check who’s putting the bare minimum or not. You can check the metrics through handling time, lead time, conversion rates. This way, your business can easily keep a check on top performers and the ones who need a little help.

Moreover, your sales processes can be significantly improved as the software enables you to compile all task information. This data can be used to show your workforce the bigger picture and how the business is making progress, which saves time from long, boring meetings. With the ongoing competition, it’s essential to boost business growth with CRM.

2. Improved Sales Pitch

Sales software programs can always help online businesses to maximize their outreach efforts. Specifically, the strategies performed on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. The software allows you to monitor and track campaigns on these social media channels.

You can easily measure the recorded traffic and leads from your website and social media management at the end of the day. Additionally, you can conveniently measure customer responses, gain knowledge, and use that information to deliver better customer service. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

As a consequence of low budget and lack of R&D department, online businesses often re-utilize the same data and information for multiple clients – making vague sales pitches. Sales CRM allows companies to optimize related sales pitch to have a customized interface. Some key features include sending welcome messages to new clients, answering quick queries, adding sales pitch, and ensuring the immediate needs are fulfilled.

3. Automated Workflow

Are you worried about how to choose the right CRM? Well, look for a sales software that enables event scheduling, automatic database notifications, follow up updates, reminders, and many more such features like Salesmate. When your software is covering these tasks, your sales workforce can improve at their job by focusing on more fundamental tasks – effective selling.

Your sales CRM can smartly provide you with information about all your existing customers. You can simply inform your potential customers whenever their preferred product or service is launched. This can be taken as a way of marketing along with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

As easy as it sounds, handling online business is a really tedious job. The software will save your hours as it’ll only pick reliable information to track responses. All this information is updated over the CRM, gradually improving the overall sales processes. Reminders, notifications, and follow emails are created automatically for constant updates and customer retention.

4. Minimum Training and Data Entry Tasks

One of the best things about sales management software like Salesmate is its simple and easy-to-use interface. It can be navigated around without any hassle of practices and long hours. In order to make the most use out of it, sales agents must be aware of and familiarize themselves with the features and tools for handling a customer.

Every maintenance and implementation hassles are minimal as most of the sales management software is available in the cloud. Moreover, the work of data entry can be really tiresome, but it can be easily reduced with sales CRM. Customized folders for every client can be made whenever there is customer interaction. Meanwhile, sales software will only pick information that suits the client.

The sales agent do not require data entry operators, nor do they have to ask the customer details such as name, number, address, and email every time they call. The risk of losing loyal customers is minimum with a lot of saved hours that can be utilized for essential tasks.

5. Reliable Technical Support

Sales tracking software offer 24/7 technical and accessible support features for your customers. Instead of worrying about having a 24-hour customer support center, sales management software provides online businesses with multiple communication channels such as emails, calls, live chats, chatbots, whenever any product related query arises.

Customer queries can possibly occur at any time, especially if you are in an online business. Questions such as payment assistance, technician support, manual troubleshooting, product replacement can arise. Such information is usually incorporated into the system. The sales software will simply use it to respond back, like having a knowledge base.

The customer’s queries will be resolved right away, plenty of the agent’s time will be saved, and it helps you retain customers. Customers will acknowledge and remember that their queries were taken care of right away without any waiting, which results in good customer experience.

Build A Successful Online Business with Sales Software

Build A Successful Online Business with Sales Software

The benefits of implementing a sales management software are tremendous. Regardless of how talented and smart your sales workforce is, enforcing a sales software will push their talent to the greatest potential.

If you are still asking yourself whether your online business needs a sales software, the answer is absolutely YES! Research shows that sales software helps businesses perform better and effectively. Your sales workforce can easily handle customer queries on the go. While saving some real valuable hours, your team can actually spend their time on attracting new customers, boosting productivity, and achieving their goals.

In conclusion, sales software brings out the best from your business

Look for the sales tools that you need most and find the one that suits you. With competitive sales software like Salesmate, you can always enjoy useful features with powerful analytics.

Over thousands of companies around the world, especially online businesses, are increasingly shifting to sales software to improve their average sales. Sales are the backbone of every company, once you settle and ace that department, everything else settles itself.


A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection, Saptarshi loves to write about anything that can be of help to businesses, people, and dogs! A true human at heart, he likes to spend most of his time researching the internet to find ways technology is influencing our daily life (positively).

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