An intrapreneur is the employee who recognizes problems as opportunities to advance and improve the company from the inside out. Companies are spending millions of dollar and manpower to create a culture of innovation, we have seen lots of examples in recent time whereas great products/solutions came out from Google, Apple and GE just because they motivate self-driven employees and enable them to be an intrapreneur.

Now we always expect some new product, innovation or great solution from an intrapreneur. And hence we miss our Sales force, whereas lots of people are already working like the one, whether they know it or not. Let’s look towards your sales managers.

Adaptive: They continuously try to find ways to be more effective, like improving their sales pitch based on lessons learnt from last one, and it also keeps changing based on client’s pain points or required solution. They can’t just cram a single pitch and deliver it all the time.

Self-Learner: They always keep studying competitive products/services to take competitive advantage while pitching solution, but at the same time they jot down best points for improvements of own company’s offerings.

Committed: They keep chasing targets irrespective of market condition or any personal issues, they appreciate value of ROI but they are not driven by profits only. They often listen and learn from entrepreneurs, typically the CEO and/or president, incorporating their knowledge to create plans for internal improvement.

Internally Motivated: One study says that only 2% of cold calls get converted to appointment. But generally we don’t see them getting demotivated due to this. Also those sales managers reward sales reps when they are doing great job and have closed some big deal. They keep sharing their achievements with other employees and boost their morale for brighter future.

Sales people are pretty important for growth of any organization. Their work, sense of ownership, loyalty and confidence inevitably encourages your company to challenge the status quo, and results in vibrant workforce.

Salesmate salutes such intrapreneur, and try to provide solution which can make their life bit easy.

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