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Sales CRM replacing sales tools is good news for you

The present sales scenario has become fast-paced, even more than it was at the time of generation X. The sales tools in that timeline have become outdated. Businesses have started understanding the gap between them and their competitors.

Yet some businesses, with their startup culture and lack of proper funds, rely on appointment books and post-its for jotting down those crucial details while on calls or at meeting with clients.

We are going to highlight the basic mistake any new business makes while setting up their sales structure. This article is about how you must adapt to the on-the-go way of doing business.

Say goodbye to multiple sales tools

You will agree that while managing your sales, you have to juggle between multiple tools. It takes a life out of you to stack up every information that you require for preparing the best sales strategy for your target audience.

But then, while you shuffle through all those pages of your sales journal or try to find those post-its, you feel the wrath of “misplacement” of critical information. Even today, sales professionals rely on numerous tools for completing their routine sales tasks and that too gets done tediously.

The bonus of integrating a sales CRM into your sales process is that you can always access your client-sensitive data from any device and at any time!

Having worked with startups and SMBs for their sales process enhancement, we can confidently tell you that a cloud-CRM is apt software for streamlining your entire sales process. Forget about the need for moving between different sales tools.

Yes, you read that right! You can adopt a sales CRM software that will combine and improve all your sales functionality and provide you better efficiency against efforts, time, and money you spend on closing a successful deal.

So, how can CRM help in replacing unwanted sales tools for a smoother sales process? Let’s find out!

1. Spreadsheets data handling

Spreadsheets Data Handling

Back in the old days, spreadsheets were considered a powerful tool for crunching any number for you. The spreadsheets helped you in preparing the desired charts and tables with the data you fed into them.

These sheets were bulky and took an enormous amount of time to create the required reports. You must have seen your parents spend their nights preparing these sheets for that next-morning important meeting.

Sales CRM takes this functionality and enhances it with simple steps! You can select the data you need and create visually appealing yet detailed reports for showcasing your sales growth to the upper management, with utmost ease!

All the information that you may have stored inside the spreadsheet can be uploaded into the CRM and with the ease of automation, the CRM system will create your contacts and deals based on the workflows.

2. Contact Tracking and Management

Contact Tracking and Management

Information is your biggest weapon as a salesperson.

  • the date you last contacted a customer,
  • details of the last meeting,
  • the scheduled follow-up calls
  • the emails that need to be sent out for the promotional purpose

These details are bunched together inside the CRM in front of you; accessible whenever needed!

All the tools that were being used separately for carrying out such tasks are being replaced with sales CRM. An intelligent sales CRM – Salesmate will let its users organize and analyze these data and provide a 360° customer view.

Using such detailed knowledge about your customers and prospects, you can easily devise some successful sales and prospecting strategies for better closure.

Salesmate CRM team understood the requirements of the business model and have released mobile CRM that assists sales reps even when they are in the field. They can handle client and prospect calls, send and receive emails, update their deal status using mobile CRM.

The best part of using mobile CRM is that every sales activity will get tracked and automatically updated inside the CRM keeping everyone involved in the deal on the same page.

3. Event and Activity Tracking

Event and Activity Tracking

It is necessary to know where your sales team is spending their sales time! Knowledge is the key to your business’s success. A sales CRM enables you to auto-assign leads to your sales team.

The real-time notifications that are sent directly to your CRM web app allow you to know how your team is handling the sales process.

Automated follow-ups, reminders for follow up emails and calls keep you well informed about the sales team activities; making sure they don’t lose any sales opportunity!

Taking the right actions at the right moment is the key to a successful deal closure!

  • Conveniently synchronize your to-do list with your calendar and smart devices.
  • Ease of delegating various activities to individual team members.
  • A pipeline board that enables you to see the deals with overdue and scheduled activities.

Using a sales CRM, you can easily plan and track your sales meetings, calls, and demos. It also allows you to log all the call and email activities done by your sales reps for closing deals, outreaching contact, and company.

4. Email Campaign Management and Tracking

Email Campaign Management

Email tools notify you about the basic email exchange, yes! But do they assign these emails to your deals, contacts or companies? These email tools will not assign incoming emails to individual members based on pre-set workflows as part of sales automation.

Sales CRM are basically sales intelligence software that helps your business to track the user behavior that is shown by the email receiver. You can easily see who opened your emails or have downloaded the attachment you sent with an email.

This way you can be well prepared with your opening statement when your prospects answer your sales calls; saving valuable sales time.

With a sales CRM, you can auto-assign the incoming emails under various parameters;

  • location-wise
  • team-wise
  • client-wise
  • channel-wise

With the removal of manual labor spent on assigning these emails, you can concentrate more on closing the deals inside your pipeline as the sales reps assigned with the incoming emails will carry out the first phase of prospecting. These emails will be part of the sales activity assigned to individual sales reps and will be tracked by the CRM.

You can also set auto-replies for such emails in case the assigned sales reps are already handling one or more tasks at that time. All these activities are stored inside the CRM and you can view their report whenever required for taking proper actions.

5. Customer Communication Channels

Customer Communication Channel

For developing a successful customer relationship, your sales process must support a clear and constant flow of exchange of information between you and your prospects. Having an intelligent sales CRM on your side for handling your communication channels is the best way to build your client relationship.

For example:

As an outbound sales rep, you are making 80 calls and sending out 100 sales emails on an average. You are connecting with 20 prospects and 5 of them are ready to set an appointment.

You dial these numbers, take mental and physical notes of the important details discussed over these calls, go back to your calling tool, and log the data. Then synchronize it with the CRM that your company has integrated with its sales process.

We bet, this will be a tedious task, especially if you have to feed in the information of so many things at the end of your day, repeatedly. Yes, you integrated your calling tool with your sales CRM for making the sales process easier. But isn’t it firing back at you!

  • Having a sales CRM with a built-in phone system takes care of this issue.
  • Get the number of the country you desire to set your virtual office in and start connecting with your prospects there.
  • Make and receive calls with international, local, and toll-free numbers.
  • Note down every crucial detail that is discussed with the prospect and client during the sales calls.
  • All these notes will automatically get logged inside the activity done against that particular deal or contact, without any manual labor.
  • You can assign these numbers to individual sales and support reps in different geographical locations. They can assist the prospects and customers at any time.
  • You can also set welcome messages for different departments for the prospect’s convenience.

The CRM auto logs your calls and voicemails; assigning them to sales reps using the automation workflows. You will never miss out on any communication and keep your customers connected with your brand; improving your revenue cycle.


We hope that you understood the reason for streamlining the functionality of your sales tools inside your sales process. You must understand the importance of using a CRM for small business to carry out the various task that falls under your sales process.

If you have been facing the exact troubles in managing the plethora of sales tools available in today’s market, we suggest you check out Salesmate CRM.

Salesmate CRM has been tailor-made to suit the requirement of the modern business process where time is the true currency and communication is the tool that keeps you connected with your customers.

Take our 15-days free trial to know more!


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