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Redefining CRM for sales reps for better sales performance

Create beautiful prospect relationships that go beyond the traditional nuances of sales and stay focused on the right deals to sell more.

Guiding you in how to make better sales, when it is what you do for a living, is not our motto. We just want you to enjoy the entire sales process, while you crunch those sales numbers and become a true professional.

Sales is a tricky, lengthy and strenuous process! Many researchers have claimed that sales reps give up follow-up activities after the first attempt itself, causing a lead to turn cold. Such actions create situations where businesses keep losing better deals and see a slump in their revenue.

Benefits of using a CRM

CRM is one such sales tool that allows you to have a 360-degree view of the customers’ psyche. You can predict their actions, reactions and next steps, based on the data of their past interaction with your sales campaigns.

Top benefits of using a CRM for sales reps:

  1. CRM enhances your customer communication
  2. CRM improves customer service
  3. CRM enables centralized data repository
  4. CRM allows automation, increases productivity

CRM systems increase individual sales rep productivity and help to boost sales. A CRM for independent sales rep dramatically improves your sales and customer relationships if chosen wisely.


More than half of all businesses (54%) expected to improve their sales with CRM.(Tech News World)

1. CRM enhances your customer communication

Easily get numbers of the location where you want to set up your virtual offices and start making contacts to the local audience. Save your telephonic conversation and take notes while on the call. Refer to this information at any time from the contacts timeline and keep your customer communication updated.

Make and receive calls from the web and mobile CRM app, easily keeping a check on your contact or deal-related activities. Real-time notification reminders that make sure you never miss an opportunity to reach out to your prospects and contacts.

2. CRM improves customer service

Decoding what customers think and want makes it easy to make successful sales. CRM software allows you to collect customers’ usage data based on their past interactions. This collected data creates a base for providing classic customer service experience and makes them come back for more. A CRM helps you deliver quick responses to customer queries for greater customer experience.

3. CRM enables centralized data repository

CRM solutions help in enhancing your overall customer communication. You can easily move your communication and the relevant data beyond sticky note and unorganized file cabinets.

Collaborate with your colleagues using Google Drive and receive all the notification pertaining to changes made on any particular file, straight to your desktop or mobile app. All the actionable data is available inside your CRM with a few clicks.

4. CRM allows automation, increases productivity

Ever wondered where you are losing the most sales time? If manual labor is your answer than CRM software is the apt solution for your sales reps. Use simple yet powerful workflows to automate your daily tasks. Save time and focus your resources on making more sales.

Introducing Salesmate CRM for your sales reps

In the above lines, we established how using a CRM tool can solve various problems that the sales reps face while carrying out their sales activities, pursuing prospects and deals. Let’s explain how a smart sales intelligence tool like Salesmate CRM can bail out sales reps from some pretty sticky sales-related situations and help them in closing deals faster.

1. A streamlined view of your sales pipeline


The sales pipeline allows you to understand the various aspects of your deals in a quick glance. Deal stage, deal value, deal ownership and the time one deal has spent in a particular stage allows you to make data-driven decisions.

Never lose focus from the right deals and make better decisions so that no crucial deals are lost. With automation, you can create deals directly into your sales pipeline using your website’s contact forms data.

You can also track the individual sales performance of your sales reps using this sales intelligence tool. Quickly find out where and why any of your sales reps are getting stuck and make amendments in their sales activities.

Customize your sales pipeline to suit your industry or create multiple sales pipelines, the power is in your hand.

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2. Stay on top of your sales activities


With Salesmate CRM tool for sales reps, you can easily plan, track and organize all your sales activities. Sales reps are required to work with a schedule that yields high productivity. With a CRM you can keep a track of all your sales calls, demo schedules, meetings, and outbound emails.

Moreover, Salesmate provides you with the ease of synchronizing your sales to-do list with your organizational calendars. Be on-the-go and track your sales activities on your mobile devices, update task status and keep everyone involved in the loop, without much manual labor.

Automate sales task assignment by setting workflows and track the update remotely using the web or mobile app. Create insightful reports to check how productive your sales reps are while pursuing clients and managing their assigned tasks.

Easily track the deals that might have any pending activities against them using the pipeline board, after all, the right action at the right time will push the deal one step towards revenue generation!

3. Seamless automation of your sales process


Salesmate CRM for sales reps can multi-task as your reliable sales automation software also. Just create a workflow, and let the sales tool take relevant actions.

Be it the assignment of sales activities, sending out automated welcome or recognition email to prospects, tracking the actions prospects take for certain deals, or replying to client inquiries that flow in via your web forms.

Salesmate CRM automates all the busy tasks and simplifies your sales process so that you can take significant action at the right time.

4. Amazing customer communication

Built-in calling

Are you still using third-party applications to manage your sales calls, your business number, your emails, and your text messages? What if we say that Salesmate CRM acts as a unified platform that has all these services built-in?

The bonus is that all the notifications pertaining to these activities are easily manageable! With sales email tracking, you can stay up-to-date with every action your prospects are taking on your outreach emails. Get notified whenever the prospect opens your email, download your content or interact with the email content.

Salesmate CRM’s built-in phone system feature allows your sales reps to handle their calls, voicemails, and messages efficiently. You can check out the call rates here. Setting up the calling feature is also easy. The best part is that this feature is available on both desktop and mobile apps.

Using the text messaging service, you can easily maximize your client communication channel. Let’s agree on one thing, people read messages faster than emails. So why not leverage this fact with Salesmate’s built-in text messaging feature?

Just like your email outreach campaigns, you can send out bulk messages to your contacts, use this platform for sending personalized messages, schedule the text messages to suit time differences, create and save text message templates, and track the performance of these templates.

5. Seamless integration with third-party apps


Salesmate CRM is an intuitive sales tool that has been developed to support small and mid-size businesses in their conquest to be the best in their respective sectors. Salesmate users can easily integrate with their favorite third-party apps using Zapier, which allows integrations with more than 1000+ productivity tools. Easily bring your productivity tool inside Salesmate CRM so that you do not have to switch between different tools and easily save more selling time.

6. Easy to use and customizable


We are aware that every sales process is unique based on the type of business and the sector that business belongs to. Salesmate CRM enables flexibility to its users as a one size fit for all sales tool. Users can easily customize Salesmate as per their sales process without much hassle.

Customize the sales pipeline based on the stages you want to have in your sales process and create custom layouts to suit the sales pipeline.

7. Ease of managing contacts


Salesmate not just acts as a CRM tool, but multitasks as your contact management software where you can store all the details related to your contacts inside a single, organized repository.

Salesmate CRM provides a unified view of all your contacts, their communications, and various activities. It also manages the contact timeline where users can get the complete communication history that includes the type of activity done, emails sent or received, create new activities, and check the past tasks.

8. Enable mobile selling with mobile CRM


The smart CRM is available on iOS and Android platforms to provide all the web app features inside the mobile work-frame. We understand that modern sales team and business owners are not bound to their cubicles, that is why all the crucial features like built-in calling, automated call logging, contact information access, and many such features are made available on the mobile platforms too.

Try one of the best CRM for small businesses and explore every feature for 15 days without any limits.


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