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Boost your email productivity with a smart CRM

Without a doubt, emails have supreme importance in the modern business world. More than 281 billion business emails are sent in a day. 86% of professionals claim email to be their favorite mode of communication.

I am sure even you too might be using it for prospecting and engaging your clients. Think about the time you spend in drafting these emails. Using various tips and strategies, you try to create compelling sales emails. But, are you getting the desired results even after walking that extra mile?

If not, then pause and ponder over the areas where you are going wrong. Are you not managing your emails efficiently? Or you are not getting time to address every email in your inbox?

Most of the time the solution is in front of us, but we fail to recognize and use it effectively. Like several companies, follow the myth that CRM is only used for managing contacts and data. They overlook most of the excellent features of this advanced technology.

CRM software has evolved drastically over the last decade, and there are amazing things this excellent tool can do to improve the overall results of a business.

The best part is that it works well with emails; just that you need to use it right.  

Make the most of the CRM to improve your email productivity

A CRM software can help you in getting your emails organized and boost your email performance if used wisely.

Find out what all a CRM can do and how can it help you in managing your emails.

1. Bring all your emails on one platform

Handling emails become difficult when you are present on multiple platforms. You can’t easily recollect from which account did you send the email or where did the client revert with the details. Retrieving a single email turns into a challenging task. A lot of time is wasted.

You can avoid such chaos with a CRM tool. All your essential emails can be accessed from one place.

You don’t need to toggle between mailboxes to find a single thread. The pace of your work increases when your CRM and email account is connected. You can instantly create new contacts or update records.

For instance, a prospect emailed you his new contact information on your Gmail account. Instead of logging into your CRM, you can directly add it from your Gmail inbox if it is synced with your CRM system.

2. Use templates and save your time

Is drafting and sending emails a part of your daily routine? Why take the tough route when there is an easy way out. Avoid typing the same email repeatedly or copy-pasting content. Instead, use email templates.

In a CRM, you can create a wide variety of templates from welcome to thank you emails and store them. Next time when you want to send an email, you need to choose a preferred template, and your work is done.  

3. Embrace automation

You surely might be having a list of tasks that you wish could be avoided. Don’t you? One of them would be sending acknowledgment and greeting emails to your clients.

Well, the good news is that this task can be automated in CRM. Workflow automation helps in reducing workload and minimizes inefficiencies.

By setting smart workflows, you can send a series of emails at the right time to nurture your prospects. For instance, you are a service-based company:

  • Set a workflow that send a welcome email after the website visitor signs up for a free trial.
  • Similarly, after the end of the free trial, a subscription email with the benefits of the product can be sent.

4. Set email reminders

A sound follow-up strategy can help in winning more deals. But with a busy schedule, most of the sales reps forget to follow-up with the clients. You can prevent your deals from slipping through the crack by setting follow-up reminders in a CRM.  

While drafting an email, simply set a reminder about calling, meeting or emailing a prospect. So, you’ll be notified about the scheduled appointments or calls to take timely actions. This way you can decrease the chances of missing any follow-ups and bolster your relationship with the customers.

5. Track your emails

It is necessary to know what happens to your emails after you hit ‘Send’. Are the prospects reading your emails or are they sent to the trash folder? CRM helps in finding that. Get the click and open ratio to understand how your emails are performing.

Email tracking helps in garnering vital information that can be used for optimizing your email outreach. With a CRM you can know which templates are performing good and which subject lines are getting the highest clicks. Accordingly, you can plan your email strategy and increase your response rate.

6. Collaborate with your team using a shared inbox

Leaving an email unattended in a mailbox can have some major repercussions. There are chances of losing the deal as the prospect can get annoyed and find an alternative solution. Wouldn’t it would be better if your teammate responds to the client in your absence?

CRM offers features like a shared inbox that keeps everyone on the same page and helps in responding to emails in real-time. Every member of the team can know what’s been discussed with the client. So, in case of your unavailability, any of your teammates can respond to the client and keep the conversation going. Shared team inbox improves collaboration and helps in providing better assistance to the clients.

7. Effective segmentation

Segmentation can help in targeting the right buyers. It adds clarity. You can quickly reach the buyers who would be more receptive to what you are selling. Segmenting buyers gets easier with CRM.

Like you can add tags and create different segments based on the buying preferences, demographics, and industries of the buyers. You can quickly send bulk emails to your preferred segment. For instance, you are a fabric manufacturer and you want to target apparel manufacturers from Vietnam. By creating tags, you can quickly sort and find the apparel manufacturers living in Vietnam for sending offer emails.

Wrapping up

To attract your customers, every part of your email strategy needs to be perfect. It is necessary to have a compelling email template with an interesting subject line, informative body, and attractive signature. By using your creativity, you can write catchy subject lines, and with the help of email signature generator, you can create impressive signatures. But for bolstering your email performance, you need to have a CRM solution.

Email and CRM together can take you closer to sales success. Ensure you use them well.

As you read above, a CRM can strengthen your email outreach and help you in getting the most out of it. It decreases the chances of missing out on vital emails that can affect your sales.

It keeps you connected with your emails and aids in taking real-time actions. With regular notifications, you’ll know what you need to do.

Don’t follow the crowd. Analyze a CRM and see how it can help you. CRM like Salesmate offers a 15 days free trial.

So, you can use this tool for free to experience its benefits. Explore the different things you can do with this smart tool to boost your email productivity.

Salesmate CRM is a complete sales solution designed for sales team of all sizes. It provides all the necessary functionalities you need for increasing your sales. You can easily manage your sales process, keep customer information streamlined and maintain healthy customer relationships with this high-end tool.


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