An entrepreneur who is running a business meets various people during his business journey. All these people become his contacts, and these people include his business associates, team members, and vendors apart from the customers. With the passing time, this list of contacts grows and so does the difficulty of managing them. However, businesses have been indulging and improving themselves by adapting various technology tools that help simplify their whole business process. One such business tool is the contact manager or contact management software that helps your business in deriving relevant insight based on the contact list of your business.

Every Business Needs It

It doesn’t matter if your business is struggling to reach the revenue margin or it is flourishing. The vast list of connections that a business makes in its tenure is unfathomable for any email server or smartphone contact list.

You might argue that it is indeed manageable but trust us it won’t provide you the relevant insights to your contacts like a contact manager will.

Why is Contact Manager effective?

As a business, managing and connecting with your contacts is the healthiest way of helping your business flourish, but in order to that, you must select a robust contact manager which:

Can Present Relevant Information In Better Manner

  • Has basic demographics such as Contact name, numbers, address and email
  • Maintains purchase and service records
  • Anticipates the products and services customers want
  • Maintains relevant project related information
  • Keeps record of every transaction

The contact manager of your choice should be able to present user-friendly information and must help you in updating the relevant user related information regularly.

Provides Effective Tools

  • Once the essential contact information is fed into the system, the contact manager must have the relevant tools that can derive user relevant information
  • A better contact manager will aid you in grouping and filtering your contacts based on various relevancy
  • For example, you have a client who has purchased laptops, PCs and tablets from you. Your contact management system will group and filter them as per their purchase. Will send you relevant purchase and service related data and will also help you understand the user pattern.
  • All this information is relevant in helping you up-sell or cross-sell your products and services.
  • Apart from doing that, your tool must be able to do the same thing for your suppliers and sub-contractors too.

How SaaS-based Systems Can Be Helpful for Your Business?

What will you consider? An installed system or a remotely hosted Software-as-a-service based software?

We explained how contact manager is an effective solution for your business, let us help you in choosing one. As a small or medium-sized organization, you must efficiently use your contact list, and a smart SaaS-based solution can offer you various utilities.

  • It helps you in managing your projects and resources and generate quotes and purchase orders.
  • A contact manager comes in a summarized service package, and the software supports you in collecting useful insights in relevance to your contacts.
  • Using the social networking data, it can help you search relevant data using filters upon the various data fields.
  • Organizing the contacts and tagging them for quicker recovery such as skills, logical groups or the latest activity done.
  • SaaS-based contact management helps in internal detail sharing with your team members or externally with your clients and other business associates.
  • SaaS model is very cost-friendly when compared to installed software as it offers you saving on the hardware cost, installation time and maintenance.
  • Using the internet, you have access to the software from any system and from anywhere.
  • It also offers protection against any data leakage too as it is accessed over a very secure network.


In this fiercely competitive market, you need to take advantage of a SaaS-based contact manager to have quicker insights of your contact list. It also manages your contacts in a way that it aids you in increasing your business reach and an opportunity of closing better deals.

As a CRM system, we make sure that our users get the best service in the market and that is why we are proud that our CRM system has the functionality of the best and easy to use contact management system out there. If you want better understanding of the same, feel free to reach us.

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