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Effective contact management turns customers into brand promoters

Turn customers into brand promoters with contact management

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The millennial have been running through all the business details of their favorite brands all over the internet. If they love Apple products, they will be following every social media feed that the company publishes on their social media page. But this is not a one-way process! These businesses realized the potential their present customer base has in building new customers and hence they have been engaging the customers with attractive feeds.

Be it offers, new launches, customer appreciation tweets or a grand yearly sales event, businesses are engaging their customers daily. And their motive is to turn these customers into brand promoters.

What is contact management?

Contact management for any business is the process of storing and managing your customers or leads information such as —

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Emails

Tracking or managing a large customer base gets quite confusing and many times businesses are not able to reach too many customers in time; resulting in losing customers to the competition. An automated contact management system becomes a boon for providing seamless contact management.

An automated contact management system is useful in:

  • Tracking customer activities
  • Adding new updates in the contact information
  • Managing contact and conversation history

Limitations faced by contact management software users

Modern contact management software comes with built-in email clients and tools for making the whole process smooth. Despite all the technical advances, many businesses find their systems miss managing a simple contact database.

In the past decade, technology has evolved, merging sales management and contact management software. Such a unified process enable sales reps in capturing a wide range of sales and customer data.

Why is contact management important for businesses?

Effective contact management allows business owners to move their leads through a convenient buyer journey and end up as a successful closure.

Be it a new lead or a loyal customer, contact management enables managers and sales professionals in communicating with them at the correct time for maximizing business opportunities.

Prioritizing customer relationships at the centre of your business process

As we said, you need to carve promoters out from your customer base and it can be done if correct measures are taken at the right time. You can do so by providing attention and support to your customers by going out of your way for them.

  • Previously, customers were considered as a part of a number!
  • Their contact details were a database that mattered when the business needed to make inquiry of replenishing the stock.
  • Today, they have made it to the top priority list for every business owner.
  • The seamless access to all the vital customer information allows them to stay in touch with them and get their feedback for providing better services.

For staying at par with the changing business scenario, vendors came out with sales CRM that could utilize a contact management system, fuse them with sales activity and deal tracking. This allows business owners and managers to know every detail of their sales campaigns.

Once these details get compiled into visually insightful reports, they are used for creating future campaigns that will attract more customers. You can track

  • customer and deal related activity
  • sales leads
  • sales & marketing campaign performance
  • your sales teams’ performance

With the shareable data enabled within a sales CRM, users can easily take data-driven actions regarding their follow-up activity. The best part is that due to its transparent sharing options, doubts, mismanagement, and wrong follow-ups can be thrown out of the business process, conveniently.

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The most amazing benefit of letting a CRM manage contact for you is that you can provide your customers with an excellent service that will build stronger and loyal customer relationships.

Customer and brand promoter – Difference!

Getting loyal customers onboard is just like achieving touchdown after running those 100 long yards! Yes, as a sales rep you would agree that it takes a lot more than following up on time. You have to create a relationship with your customers that goes beyond the traditional ways of sales.

There is a thin line that differentiates a loyal customer and a promoter of your product out of loyalty!


  • A buyer who uses your solution for overcoming the hurdles he has been facing till now but once the work is done they don’t generally bother to spread the word of mouth amongst their circle.
  • Even regular customers are not to be mistaken for a promoter, because you need to carve up a promoter from the mass of your loyal customer base.


  • A buyer who understands the work you are doing and appreciates that you have made efforts in providing this solution to the audience.
  • Encourages his community by using your product.
  • Provides positive feedback about your solution and post it over his social circle via pages, blogs, forums, and other such sites.
  • Makes defending statements so that people understand that negative feedback are circumstantial.

Every business depends on loyal customers, but they need loyal promoters too as they are the link between them and the new customers.

How CRM can be used for seamless contact management

Traditional contact management system allows users to track:

  • detailed customers address information
  • contact information
  • additional information, customer position
  • sales rep information
  • open quotes
  • open orders
  • sales history
  • communication history

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an advanced sales tool that elevates sales and marketing capabilities of a business.

Provide a connected customer experience

Typically CRM systems manage relationships with

  • customers,
  • vendors, and
  • prospects.

Sales CRM allows users to

  • schedule events, and meetings,
  • move prospects through the sales funnel,
  • create sales and marketing email lists, and
  • categorize prospects and customers.

In short, a CRM tool helps your business manage its

  • sales funnels,
  • sales cycles, and
  • customer relationships

A sales CRM can be used for engaging customers using multiple channels. With profile enrichment, users can enhance the information of their stored contacts with their social information.

  • Understanding your customers’ traits helps in developing precise strategies that can be used for engaging them and pushing them forward towards being promoters of your business.
  • Tracking customers’ feedback using CRM and providing solutions to them on the spot is now easier.
  • With intuitive integrations, you can synchronize your CRM with your social media accounts and never need to hop between tabs for fetching the required customer information.

Provide seamless service to your customers across multiple channels

The customer satisfaction level plummets if they have a few bad experiences with your company over various channels of communication.

Communication is the ultimate key to creating successful promoters!

Make it easy for customers to establish communication with your business across channels.

  • How quickly customers find your products or services online?
  • How do they find the product that meets their needs?
  • How much time does it take for them to make a purchase from you?
  • Is your sales process frictionless?
  • Do you have a customer helpline?
  • What’s the typical waiting time?
  • How fast is your web or mail response rate?
  • Do you have 24/7 chat support?

Test out the interactions with yourself posing as a customer. You will find the minute lapses that occur while handling customer queries. This way rectification in your process of handling customer queries gets resolved and you push the customer one step further towards becoming a promoter.

Eliminate gaps between customers and employees!

Involving your employees in your sales and support process allows you to get useful insights into the gaps that are present while delivering great customer experience.

Understand the customer’s expectations and give a proper response to their feedback. This will allow employees to rectify any flaws they might have in their way of handling customers.

Doing so will make customers aware that the company loves interacting with its customer base and will develop a greater promoter bond for the future.

Rework customer service metrics

Common metrics for the assessment of customer satisfaction

  • average call handling time,
  • agent quality scores, and
  • the cost to serve a customer

Based on these metrics, businesses can decide how much does the customer like talking to them and how quickly their support team resolves the issues, without costing too much money to the company.

If you start cultivating a work culture that is obsessed with customer satisfaction, then you will gain significant speed and revenue generation in the market.

The aforementioned customer satisfaction assessments provide an excellent base for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Using this base, companies can set better goals for their support agents as well as the promoters.


Promoters are the brand ambassadors of your business who love your solution and boast about it over different social channels and mediums. Keeping them happy and satisfied with small perks and benefits makes them loyal towards you.

  • conduct monthly customer surveys
  • publish their results.
  • communicate with your customers regularly

Automation is the key! Reaching out to a large contact database manually is exhausting and time-consuming. Salesmate CRM is the smart sales tool that uses its sales intelligence to keep you up to speed with your daily sales activities.

You can set reminders, automate emails, schedule calls and much more to satisfy the customers. Send them emails asking for their feedback, send newsletters of your solution, mention extra discounts for their time with you etc.

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Salesmate comes with various features that allow your sales team to be efficient in not just sales but also in support. All the contact data and sales records are systematically streamlined in a centralized repository in this advanced tool. Sales teams can easily find whatever they want through smart filters. With the amazing set of features, this CRM tool is a must-have for every small and mid-size business. We are open to your queries regarding Salesmate, feel free to get in touch anytime.

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