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How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Small Business Website

How to choose the right colors for your small business website [Infographic]

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Color is an often overlooked tool for driving revenue and pushing a brand’s message. What’s more, businesses tend to underestimate to what extent color factors influence a customer’s decision to purchase a product. In fact, according to DesignAdvisor, a purchase decision takes 90 seconds, and 62-90% of the judgment is based on colors.

Target Audience & Brand Message

A business that doesn’t define and understand its target demographic can’t thrive. This is important when it comes to color as well because when making color-related decisions, predicting how different groups of people react to different hues is key.

While color psychology is not definitive, the research does provide a stable baseline for understanding how people react to various colors and the meaning they carry. For instance, when it comes to shopping, there are variations in color preference in different types of shoppers. Impulsive buyers respond positively to orange, black and royal blue, while more traditional shoppers respond well to pink, rose or sky blue. In terms of gender, there aren’t as many differences as some might expect – men and women both exhibit preferences for sky blue and green.

Finding the right color is all about meeting at the crossroads of target audience and brand message. While you certainly want to seek out colors your audience appreciates, you also need to get the appropriate message across. Brands have been using colors to solidify their message for a long time – just think of how prevalent red is in fast food logos, or how often blue features in the branding of healthcare providers. These are not coincidences as red is known to raise excitement and give off a sense of urgency, while blue is commonly associated with tranquility and trust.

Another vital factor to consider is brand recognition. Having an established color scheme helps make brands more recognizable which, in turn, helps drive conversions and revenue, as it has been shown that customers are more likely to purchase from brands they are familiar with. Color accounts for almost 80% of brand recognition, so choosing a color scheme that channels a message consistently is a step towards increasing revenue.

Color, Conversions and Web Design

Many brands saw significant growth in conversions and revenue after tweaking their website’s color schemes. An important color-dependent element to pay special attention to is the call to action button. Whatever your line of business, chances are you’ll be using call to action buttons, and research has shown that red, orange and yellow are the best choices for driving conversions. The reason these colors work so well is because they are highly contrasting to most backgrounds, and CTA buttons are all about drawing attention.

The importance of colors matters a lot in eCommerce as well. The colors should be pleasant to users, not so heavy, yet no so dull. The best way to pick the right colors for your eCommerce store is to pick the right eCommerce theme.

CTA button colors have commonly been used in A/B tests to figure out what works best. Changing buttons to red proved hugely successful: Dmix increased conversions by 34% after switching their button color to red, and HubSpot also found that their red button outperformed the green one by 21%. For VegasSlotsOnline, conversion increased by 175% when they changed their button from green to a highly contrasting yellow.

Take a closer look at your website

Along with the color scheme, your website content also plays a vital role in attracting and converting the website visitors. There are many CMS systems that can help you in building an impactful website and managing your content. WordPress is one of the big fishes in the CMS pond. Companies of all sizes regularly use it.

With WordPress plugin like Gravity form, you can build compelling forms and capture new leads for your company. You can integrate this WordPress plugin with a high-end CRM solution and keep your leads organized for converting them quickly.

Wrapping up

Thinking in terms of user experience, audience, and cementing a brand message will go a long way in creating the perfect website for your company. When choosing a strong color scheme for their brand, businesses must think strategically and consider web design and aesthetics as well as understand the importance of driving attention toward CTA buttons by using contrasting and compelling colors.

Color is an asset, and one of the biggest mistakes a budding business can make is disregarding its potential. Taking the time to do the research and thinking strategically about each element is a surefire way to make sure your business is one step ahead of the competition.

For more stats and facts about color psychology in web design, check out the infographic below.

How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Small Business Website

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