Captain America – Civil war turned out to be one of the best Marvel movie, where super powered people gets divided in different teams and start fighting with each other. When I was watching this movie, few things flashed across my mind, which can be easily co-related with an organisation.


No one likes unpleasant surprises


Ok, you got a deal to handle. You worked hard and created a great proposal. You sent that to client, reply arrives and what you gotta read in it? Your newly hired champ has already sent proposal to him, and its offering doesn’t match to yours.

All of a sudden your friendly spider man becomes your enemy. He doesn’t know what are you upto. Here, a good communication channel would have avoided such condition. Meaning any team who is using a central communication tool, would be in sync with real time updates. And when it comes to deal management, a visual deal pipeline works like wonder.
And you were like Hey spidy, I am the owner of the deal, and that can be visualised in our deal pipeline. Don’t mess with it 🙂

Teamwork is must!!


Ironman and Captain America disagrees about how to handle a particular situation. When they can’t agree to a single point then they got divided in teams to manage it skilfully. As teamwork always pays higher results.

Similarly, you can involve multiple people in your deal closure process with having single authority of one person. So, when there is a problem or you need advice, your team mate can be there to help you quickly. Moreover, remember that timely responses and quick follow-ups are always rewarded with more business.

Homework is must!!


I like this part the most. Villain (a common man) with a good study & homework can impact on decisions of super naturals. He makes them to work as per his plan.

Oh! You don’t need to be a villain. Just do good preparation before meeting a client, study their requirement and pain points. Offer them something what they are looking for, so they willingly agree to your offerings. And Bingo!!! You became a super salesman all of a sudden 😉


The ultimate moto is to win, achieve, succeed. For sales super heroes, it’s about winning more deals and driving results. The key take away from this classic movie for all of us is work in team, collaborate and have common goal. Few tools driven by intelligence like Salesmate can be of real value.

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