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How to build a winning sales culture in this competitive market?

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A disengaged sales culture will cause your top employees to turnover, costing you up to 60% of the annual salary of each employee.

Isn’t that a scary figure?

Your organization’s sales culture is crucial for all these things:

  • How much does your sales force sells?
  • How productive is your sales team?
  • How long do the salespeople stay in your organization?

As a business owner, what can be done to avoid such a fiscal disaster?

One thing we can assure you is that you need to establish a winning sales culture for your organizational success!

Sales Culture Worldwide Trend

Understand the Sales Culture

Measuring the sales culture is different from measuring their weekly, monthly, or yearly revenue contribution.

However, that does not make it less critical.

The attitudes, values, and habits that every individual in your team carries with them define your sales culture.

As a business owner, creating a thriving and winning sales culture requires you to bring out the best in your salespeople.

Let’s dive deeper into how you can build a winning sales culture.

Don’t rush into Hiring

Fast-growing companies experience a sudden need for hiring sales team members who are smart, interactive and always carry a winning attitude with themselves.

Hiring someone is a fascinating process.

However, most companies make a common mistake and settle for someone who might not be the best fit but is an adequate fit.

It all comes to supply and demand, just like sales!

If you also follow this process, then it will eventually kill your sales culture.

  • Create a complete overview of the traits you are looking for in a perfect salesperson for your product and target customer.
  • Make a checklist of characteristics that salesperson must have to adapt to your sales culture.
  • Make sure that the salesperson of your choice can communicate the company vision to potential customers.
  • Hire someone who is an excellent team player.

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Inculcate healthy competition

Salespeople thrive on competition; the whole industry knows this fact. Stirring up competition among the sales representatives is fun.

However, the power of turning the competition into ’’cutthroat’’ lays in your hand.

Eliminating any negative behavior and encouraging your reps support each other is the key.

To win in perfectly competitive markets, your job is to build trust amongst the sales team members.

How to correctly walk this line?

Providing a prominent rival to your sales team will give them various reasons for working in a team for overthrowing the ’’common enemy.’’

The terminology may seem a bit harsh, but you need to understand this simple fact.

Having rivalry on the inside saves you from encountering internal clashes.

  • Now, you just need to push them for outperforming themselves.
  • Help them focus their aggressive approach toward outdoing their achievements.
  • Doing so doesn’t allow any time and space for showing any resentment towards the work done by their peers.
  • Always pair your experienced reps with the ones who have a lesser experience.
  • This shortens the ramp-up period and allows your new hires to feel secure and become comfortable with the entire team.
  • Use various contests but make sure you do not repeat the criteria for the same.
  • Hold these contests in a way that every month or quarter new faces get appreciation.
  • If you fail to do so, you may observe a downfall in the performance of those who are not getting rewarded.
  • A quicker way of getting the desired results is to create activity-driven incentive plans as they can result in an immediate spike in sales activity.
  • Perseverance in the face of rejection can break the toughest of your sales reps.
  • That is why maintaining a high-energy environment becomes necessary.

Train your salespeople

Positive sales cultures guide their salespeople and share essential sales related knowledge that can help them achieve their goals.

  • Involve third-parties and hold seminars for your sales team.
  • Provide adequate training to your salespeople and other essential tools for their success.
  • Observe your sales representatives on their calls, monitor their schedules and offer them ideas about approaching prospects correctly.

Monitor daily activities

  • Keep a regular check on the activities of your sales team but do not micromanage them.
  • Analyze every situation explaining the course of action they will need to take.
  • If your sales reps have better and extensive understanding of the sales pipeline all the way through closing deals, then increasing the productivity becomesmanageable.
  • Today, technology is simplifying the tasks that previously were considered tedious, cumbersome and time-consuming.

Today customer relationship management and workflow automation tool easily streamline mundane tasks.

This gives giving your sales organizations the freedom of listening to the needs of customers and creating a responsive sales culture.

Measure Success as well as the Failures

Celebrate when your team hits their sales goal as it helps you build a strong sales team that will go the extra mile in the future too.

  • Provide positive and constructive feedback about the failures your sales team experiences.
  • It is imperative you also address the issues which stopped your team from achieving their targets.
  • If the quarterly or monthly targets are not being met, then it becomes crucial to talk them through the challenges.
  • If you can create a culture of learning, imparting knowledge then it becomes easier have a foundation that promotes positive sales culture.

Takeaways. . .

Creating a perfect sales culture takes discipline, commitment, and focus.

We hope that after reading this article sales managers and reps understand the importance of these values.

Our hope is that this article contributes to the success of building and maintaining a winning sales culture.

If as a business, you want to enjoy such a culture and want to merge it with technology then do get in touch.

We are sure that like our many previous clients we will positively contribute towards your revenue growth.

A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection, Saptarshi loves to write about anything that can be of help to businesses, people, and dogs! A true human at heart, he likes to spend most of his time researching the internet to find ways technology is influencing our daily life (positively).

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