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How to achieve collective Sales?

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Few days back I checked out a TedX by Linda Hill. It was about ’’How to manage collective creativity’’. She has explained wonderfully that how Google has been so successful with collective growth or how 200+ Pixar artists can work together and can produce wonderful results instead of having a common belief that multiple cooks will spoil the dish.

They key points from the presentation were.

1. Collective Abrasion – Create a market-place for ideas. Don’t suppress conflicting ideas, but discuss them, have heated and creative arguments with each other, advocate your view points.

2. Creative Agility – Is a way to test those ideas really quick, it’s about discovery driven learning, you have to perform lots of experiments and observe their results. They can be positive or negative. But even negative results do provide some learnings itself.

3. Creative Resolution – This is more about patient & inclusive decision making then giving authority to one individual or expert to drive things.

So now you can understand that why those companies can make collective progress, as they have mastered process of collaboration, discovery based learnings and integrated decisions. But this is not only limited to innovation or big companies. Every company can follow these practices and sales teams can also learn lots of things from it.

Whenever you are introducing any Sales executive in your team then make sure the person is able to work collectively. You can track his previous career records or schooling and identify if the person is fit to work as a team or not.

Whenever you are making any decision or pitch, involve everyone and listen to their suggestion. Good ideas can also come from a fresher, who has just joined the company.

Share your data with team, so whenever a deal is won or lost they can learn the factors which derived success or failure. You can collaborate together and identify pattern for decisions and can improvise your offering or pitch.

Build a process of continues feedback. Everyone loves to grow further and improvise oneself and there is no better way than having a collective feedback. It helps you to connect with your team in better way, learn shortcomings of your own and others; invest in improvising those to achieve higher success in coming days.

At Salesmate we have implemented data sharing policies so team can checkout emails, notes & conversion related with each record. Whenever a deal is won or lost team can have all information available which drove that decision from client end. A proper study of that helps them to participate in collaborative discussion to improvise things further and helps to generate feedback too. Many times it’s also helpful in collecting new feature requests.

If you are getting tired of managing things from email and there are few things slipping out of the crack, then it’s time to adopt a great CRM solution, which can bring everything on single interface and your team don’t lose any important information. It doesn’t matter if your team has 2 or 200 sales executives. Data can be automatically shared with them and collective progress can be made pretty easily.

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