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9 Qualities That Make a Rep a Sales Superstar

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Every sales rep wants to become a sales superstar; there is little doubt about that. Most salespeople are, by nature, go-getters. However, there is more involved in sustaining an exceptional sales career. What exactly is it that champion sales performers have that others don’t? They share some key attributes, and we’ve made a list of them for you.

Qualities of Elite Sales Performers

  • Responsible ’ Salespeople who reach the highest ranks take ownership of the thigs that matter ’ their product, the process, and their performance. They accept responsibility for all three, never crediting or blaming anyone for their own victories or failures. Because they take responsibility for these things, they set high standards for themselves and often go far beyond those set by their company.
  • Trainable ’ Not everyone is a born salesperson. Top sellers often become elite performers not because they have an inherent trait for selling, but rather because they embrace continued learning that consistently ups their game. They seek new and creative ways to overcome challenges and are willing to learn new things that augment their selling techniques.
  • Knowledgeable ’ Top performers learn as much as they can about the products they are selling, not just the standard features and benefits that all reps are expected to know. They know the products inside and out allowing them to express pride and confidence when talking with potential customers. Top salespeople take it upon themselves to know ’ really know ’ what it is they are offering customers. And they never feel like they are finished learning. According to an article by Entrepreneur’s writer, Toby Nwazor, ’’To be a sales superstar, you need to learn every day. The future of ’’selling’’ belongs to those with an unquenchable thirst for learning, not just for those who work hard.’’
  • Persistent ’ There is no doubt about it, selling takes persistence. While every salesperson has to have a certain amount of persistence, top performers seem to be self-motivated and don’t let customer rejection get them down. They view discouraging outcomes as learning opportunities and are able to move on with little or no looking back.
  • Patient ’ It’s very easy for sales reps to become frustrated and exasperated with their role, especially when things are not going well. Top sellers have a higher level of patience and a positive attitude during trying times, always striving to overcome periods of difficulty.
  • Adaptable ’ Sales superstars know that selling involves more than a methodical sales process. They are able to seamlessly adapt approaches as situations evolve. They understand that not all customers and organizations are the same and that they need to be treated uniquely, and are able to tailor their selling style to meet customers where they are.
  • Connected to their clients ’ In an article on The Var Guy website top performers are described this way, ’’Sales superstars go one step further than the trusted advisor role. They see themselves as their buyers’ partner.’’ They genuinely have a connection to their customers and want to offer them solutions to their challenges.
  • Goal-oriented ’ Top sales performers never lose sight of their desired results. Throughout the sales process, interacting with customers, and performing daily operational tasks, they have their sales goals in mind. They understand that every step of the way, no matter how tedious or seemingly insignificant, is leading them toward reaching and exceeding their goals.
  • Good time managers ’ Sales superstars understand the importance of prioritizing customers who are going to generate the most value for their business. They understand that there are only so many hours in a day and that they have to make the best of every minute they devote to sales, and they work accordingly.

Making the leap from successful salesperson to sales superstar is a process that can be learned and honed over time. It isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes a continued dedication to sharpening skills, improving communication, and maintaining a positive attitude, while consistently managing a full sales pipeline and satisfying customers. It’s not easy, but it is worth it.

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