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6 Podcasts Every Sales Rep Should Be Listening To

Working in sales is hard. Even the very best, most successful, sales reps need continued sales training and external motivation to stay on top. To be their best, salespeople may attend sales seminars, read sales books, or they may use one of the newest means to find motivation and learn new sales techniques ’ the podcast.

Podcasts of every kind have gained popularity over the last several years. They allow you to listen while you when you have downtime or are commuting, and you can find podcasts on just about everything you can think of, including sales. In fact, there are so many sales podcasts out there to choose from, that we decided to put together a list of the best ones, the ones that every sales rep should check out.

Linking Into Sales Podcast

The focus of this podcast is social selling and how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to prospect for leads, qualify them, and close deals. Hosts Mark Brossman, Greg Hyer, and Elyse Archer begin each episode with a rundown of the latest in social selling news and then interview a successful social seller. These interviews are sometimes brief, around 10 minutes, and sometimes much more in depth, running up to an hour.

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

In this podcast, host Nic Poulos of Bowery Capital discusses the latest trends in the industry with members of the Bowery Capital team and with other startup leaders. Focusing on B2B SaaS business, but also welcoming guest from other sales areas like ecommerce and travel, discussions dig into the challenges companies encounter when trying to scale. The episodes run about 35 minutes and are very useful for startups and companies growing their sales teams. Salesmate is being used by many startups across different continents. Check out why Salesmate is the best CRM for tech startups.

Stories From the Sales Floor

If you are looking for a podcast that successfully combines sales and comedy, this one is it. Hosts Pouyan Salehi and Ben Sardella have a unique way of making talking about sales entertaining. The focus though, is on teaching and inspiring salespeople to be the best in their field, and to consistently meet or exceed their sales goals. Most episodes have several guests who are current top salespeople, thought leaders, and sales pioneers. Each episode is about 20 minutes of fun and great insights.


This InsightSquared podcast, hosted by Cara Hogan, is all about analytics. It is useful for businesses that are looking to take data and transform it into practical, actionable information. Besides the helpful information, this podcast owes its success to host Cara Hogan. She is genuine and easy to follow, speaking in a way that is uncontrived and approachable. The episodes are about 35 minutes and are ideal for B2B SaaS professionals who want the latest scoops on how to run their companies by the numbers.

Salesman Podcast

The most downloaded sales podcast and iTunes New & Noteworthy award winner, Salesman Podcast, features interviews with sales leaders, Olympic athletes, and psychologists. This well-rounded podcast is hosted by Will Barron and its goal is to provide salespeople with tools and information that will help them be successful in all areas of sales. By far, the most listened to podcast, Salesman reached up to 20,000 listeners with every 30-45 minute episode.

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

The author of The Maverick Selling Method, Brian Burns, hosts this podcast that endeavors to teach salespeople the best selling methods and how to overcome obstacles that plague the B2B industry. Episodes include topics like strategic selling, sales management, leadership, and advanced selling skills, and run about a half an hour.

With so many sales podcasts available, the above are just the starting point. Surf around and see which podcasts help you the most, but start with these 6 and get a feel for what you are looking for. You can stream or download the podcasts for your convenience.

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