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5 Reasons Web Development Companies Can Close Deals Faster with Salesmate CRM

3 Min read

If you own or manage a web development company, you need a quality CRM solution to improve your sales team’s efficiency and productivity. With a CRM, sales teams work more efficiently and productively than they would without one. However, finding just the right one for your team will optimize their sales efforts and close more deals.

Salesmate has that CRM for your web development company, and here are the reasons you need it:

#1 You Won’t Waste Your Time on Endless Data Entry

One part of CRM that salespeople often complain about is the amount of data entry that is required for it to work as it’s designed. CRM software that allows you to add customers with just a click, that fills in sales process information, and keeps your team up-to-date without a bunch of manual entry saves valuable time that can be better spent on new leads and customer retention.

#2 You Will Have Easy-to-Read and Analyze Metrics

The goal of every CRM is to provide sales teams and leaders with the metrics they need to maximize closed deals and increase revenue. Without key metrics, sales teams would have to struggle to make informed decisions about their customers. A good CRM will help take the guesswork and reliance on intuition out of the sales process, streamlining efficiency. It will also tell you:

  • How customers are progressing in the sales process
  • Where every customer is in the pipeline
  • Which methods of contact are most likely to convert into sales
  • Which sales strategies are working and which aren’t
  • Which sales team members are on target with their goals, and which ones are struggling

#3 You Will be Able to Accurately Forecast Sales

When a CRM is properly designed for your business, it will be able to use the information it collects to accurately forecast potential sales, expected close date, and win probability. The forecasting tool on your CRM is one of the biggest time-savers of all metric analyses. If you or a team member had to manually calculate numbers related to potential sales and business growth, you would have no time left to sell! So, you need to have a CRM that is going to provide you with accurate sales forecasting.

#4 You Will Be Able to Manage Your Sales Pipeline with Ease

It is important to be able to visualize how your sales team is performing relative to its goals at all times ’ quickly and accurately. But you not only need to know what is in the pipeline and when sales are projected to close, you have to know the actual likelihood that a customer in the pipeline has for becoming closed deal. With Salesmate CRM software, customers in the pipeline that have been idle and do not have real potential to close, are marked ’’Rotten.’’ This makes the overall sales pipeline management big picture much more accurate.

#5 Your Sales Team Will Work Faster and Be More Productive

Having the right CRM for your team will eliminate the tedious busy-work of manual sales tracking, reporting, and analysis. It will free them up to do more prospecting, increase customer engagement, and produce more closed deals.

A CRM like Salesmate has everything you need to manage every lead and current customer, no matter where they are in the sales process. Salesmate identifies when salespeople need to take the steps to move customers to the next stage, and prompts accordingly. Managing customer relationships couldn’t be any easier, and the results you will see in closed deals and sales growth will have you and your sales team celebrating.



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