As a small business owner, you are expected to stay on your toes 24×7 and manage day-to-day concerns of your business. You cannot afford to miss vital information, meetings, and tasks while you are out on the road. Opportunity can tap the door of your small business at any time, so you need to be prepared to welcome it. With access to multiple apps on your smartphone, you can seamlessly manage various facets of your operations and quickly grow your small business.

Work faster, communicate better and increase the bottom line of your business with these 15 advanced mobile apps-

1. Slack


iOS | Android

Communicate and brainstorm new ideas with teams in different locations with Slack. It is a team messaging and communication app that boosts collaborative productivity and helps in maintaining transparency within the team by centralizing all the conversation at one place.

2. Pocket


iOS | Android

Like an article? But too tired up to read? With the Pocket app, you can save the content you find online and read it later without distraction. Organize articles by length and edit or delete them in bulk. Moreover, by connecting Pocket to the productivity apps like Evernote and Trello, you can convert your reading list into a to-do list.

3. Salesmate CRM

salesmate CRM

iOS| Android

So here we are! Sell seamlessly and convert prospects into customers with Salesmate CRM. It is a smart sales CRM designed for small businesses. With this high-end tool, sales teams can streamline their sales process, track their deals, automate most of the tasks and manage their customer information effortlessly from anywhere.

4. Survey Monkey


iOS | Android

Simplify your survey process with Survey Monkey mobile app, which allows you to conduct surveys on-the-go. Quickly create a survey with the easy-to-use builder and track respondents so that you can reconnect with the survey recipients who haven’t responded.

5. Mention


iOS | Android

Know who is talking about you on various social sites and protect your image with Mention. This social media monitoring tool informs you whenever somebody mentions your name, company or targeted keywords. It even alerts you when the people or companies you track are mentioned anywhere.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

linkedin salesnavigator

iOS | Android

Quickly get in touch with new opportunities and increase your sales through LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is the best mobile app to search and reach potential prospects. LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides frequent updates and insights about your prospects and customers to take timely actions for increasing conversions.

7. Drift


iOS | Android

Communicate seamlessly and deepen customer relationships with the highly effective conversation tool, Drift. It is an in-app messaging, live-chat and email management solution with excellent features designed for sales and marketing team. It is a smart way to communicate with your website visitors, nurture more leads and provide better purchasing experience.

8. Crisp


iOS | Android

Solve the queries of your website visitors and give them a reason to turn into your customers with Crisp, a free live chat mobile app. Instantly add teammates to resolve support tickets and forward chats to your email for future reference. With recorded live chat transcripts, you can understand your clients better and foster customer relationships.

9. ‎Campaign Monitor



Execute successful email campaigns and get real-time insights by downloading Campaign Monitor on your smartphone. It is an advanced emails marketing app that helps in managing and tracking your emails. Know who opened and shared your emails. Design compelling, personalized emails quickly and send it to multiple prospects in seconds.

10. CallHippo


iOS | Android

Replace your desk phones with softphones by downloading CallHippo, a VoIP based virtual phones system. With CallHippo, your teams can seamlessly collaborate and share information to create data-driven strategies. Get local or toll-free numbers of more than  40+ countries, listen to the call recording directly from your dashboard and get real-time reports on-call status history with this top-notch calling software.

11. Google Drive


iOS |Android

Keep your important files in a safe place and easily access them from your smartphone with Google Drive. It is a cloud-storage service that allows you to store and access documents, photos, recording, and videos online. You can invite anyone to edit, review and comment on your file. It easily syncs with various devices, so a change made in one file will appear in all other gadgets.

12. Trello


iOS | Android

Stay organized and manage your work efficiently with Trello. It is a highly visual project management and collaboration app. Trello keeps everyone informed about the new and overdue tasks. It is the best app to discuss and complete projects on-time.

13. Grammarly Keyboard


iOS | Android

Avoid grammatical errors when you are typing an important message on LinkedIn or emailing a valuable client and type with confidence by downloading Grammarly Keyboard app on your smartphone. Grammarly Keyboard is a personal editor that ensures your message is clear, polished, impactful and mistake-free.

14. Buffer


iOS | Android

Quit logging into multiple accounts and manage all your social media profiles from one place using Buffer. This mobile app helps in maintaining and bolstering presence on social networking sites. With Buffer, you easily schedule posts and track the performance of your content on social media.

15. Zoom Cloud Meetings

zoom cloud meetings

iOS | Android

Need to meet a client in an adverse weather condition? Fright not, Zoom Cloud Meeting app can help. With Zoom Cloud Meeting app, you can host, attend or schedule meetings and video conferences from any geographical location at any time. It gives you the flexibility to message or collaborate with your team in a group chat from anywhere. It is the best app to communicate with clients in different time zones.

To conclude

There are many apps available in the app store from productivity apps to small business apps but what you choose and how you use it will make a difference to your small business. If you make the most of these apps and use it regularly, you will be able to save time, work efficiently and build better customer relationships for boosting the growth of your small business.

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