Focus on the Right Deals at the Right Time to Hit Your Quota

Timing is everything in sales. Focus on the hot and high-value deals and meet your sales quota with a well-crafted sales pipeline view. Always see an up-to-the-minute picture of your sales pipeline.

Have you ever had good deals fall through the cracks?. Our sales pipeline CRM won’t let you miss any opportunities because it proactively monitors your pipeline and visually reports the health of every deal avoiding the loss of potential revenue

Quickly Spot & Remove Sales Roadblocks

Salesmate CRM’s pipeline view makes it easy to spot deals that need attention. Know which deals has overdue activities or has no activities scheduled at all; which deals are rotting and taking more time or being handled poorly. Quickly shake out the deals that are stuck while you still have time on your side. Finding and fixing bottlenecks in your sales pipeline has never been easier.

Add New Deals in a Snap or Just Automate It

Creating deals is bliss with Salesmate. No more tedious and repetitive data entry. Important fields and associations are filled in automatically. New deals can automatically be added to your sales pipeline from your website’s contact and lead generation forms.. Spend more time doing the most important part of your job – selling.

Waste No Time Wandering, Everything You Need is Just a Click Away

No need to switch back and forth between screen when you are on a roll working through the deals. Use quick views to make a call, send an email, complete an activity, add a note or update the deals right from your sales pipeline. You can do everything with just a click, saving you time and heart burns.

Understand & Improve Your Pipeline’s Performance

Is your pipeline solid enough to hit the monthly sales goal? Do you know why Joe (your hypothetical sales rep) is losing more deals at negotiation stage? At which stage of the sales process your team are you encounters the most blockages? Answer every possible question about your sales pipeline at an individual, team and organization level using interactive and actionable sales intelligence.

Customize to Fit Your Sales Process

Whether you are an established sales team or starting from scratch, the sales pipeline is fully customizable to fit your unique sales process. Add as many pipeline stages, activity types and sales reps as you like.

You can add as many deal filters as you like to create views that matters for your team. Capture more data using custom fields and use it to make smart sales decisions.

Create Multiple Pipelines

Need additional pipelines for different product lines? No problem. You can create unlimited sales pipelines to suit all your company’s product lines with Salesmate CRM.

And you can go beyond sales. Need to manage your customer on-boarding? Or recruitment process? How about the different sales process for different product line? You can create unlimited sales pipelines in minutes and start automating any business process of your choice.

Customers Stories

  • This tool is great. It keeps all communication all in one place which helped me stay organized with all day-to-day operations. The support I received was amazing and I would highly recommend using this tool.

    Staci Fasano, Product Sales Specialist - Ecomdash
  • Salesmate has scaled alongside our team and our process, constantly supporting what we’re trying to accomplish as a fast-growing business.

    Alberto Sardiha, Sales Manager - Retire Places
  • Simple and easy for our sales team to use. Enough said!

    Pritesh Gajjar, Business Development - PSDCenter

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