Email Tracking Software

Get notified instantly when a prospect opens your email, clicks on links or downloads the targeted content so you can perfectly time your follow up while he is still thinking of you. Reaching out at the right time, when interest is high, results in more emails opened, content downloaded, calls answered, meetings landed, customers impressed and deals won.

With sales email tracking, you can spend more time working on warm prospects who are engaged and put the cold ones on autopilot until they take action.

Measure and Improve Email Performance

Eliminate the guesswork from your email conversations using actionable insights. While email open rates will help you understand which subject lines work best with your customers, the clicks will inform you of the popularity of content within the emails.

Pick the subject lines your customers cannot resist opening and create email content that will intrigue them to take action. Let your entire team benefit from learning to use droppable email templates. Our software can help you automate and track your success.

Automatically Track All
Email Conversations

Have you ever had to dig through your inbox to find the latest conversation you had with a customer till date? Isn’t it painful and unproductive? Our Software automatically captures and organizes the emails related to the deals and contacts. The built-in email client lets you quickly send and receive emails with comprehensive tracking of your prospect’s interactions with it.

Next time you need to catch up a deal, look no further than the deal’s timeline. Every email ever sent or received is organized and tracked, saving you hours of painful digging.

Avoid Repetition with Email Templates

Save hours drafting the same emails over and over again. Use Salesmate’s well-crafted emails for each stage of the pipeline or build your own library for your entire team to use with just one click. When you use email templates to send automated emails, you can personalize emails to thousands of customers without breaking a sweat.

Do you know which subjects likes are getting high open rates? And which call to actions are receiving the most clicks? Email template insights will help you measure the performance of each template in real-time and optimize them for higher engagement.

Smart BCCs

Logging your email conversations is effortless with Smart BCC. No matter which email provider or client you use, just forward your email to the personalized smart BCC address to add them to the relevant timeline. Salesmate will automatically recognize the involved recipients and attach the emails to the right deals, contacts, companies or activities in real-time.

If you are using the chrome plugin, you can directly associate emails to the deals right from your Gmail inbox without using Smart BCC.

In-Built Email Client

No need to waste time juggling through your inbox and Salesmate to manage your important emails. With our in-built email client, you will never have to leave Salesmate to access all your important emails.

Works with All Email Systems

Not using a popular email system like Gmail or Outlook? No worries. Your company’s email system will work flawlessly with Salesmate. In fact, you can use our beautiful email client for sending, receiving and organizing all your emails.

Customers Stories

  • This tool is great. It keeps all communication all in one place which helped me stay organized with all day-to-day operations. The support I received was amazing and I would highly recommend using this tool.

    Staci Fasano, Product Sales Specialist - Ecomdash
  • Salesmate has scaled alongside our team and our process, constantly supporting what we’re trying to accomplish as a fast-growing business.

    Alberto Sardiha, Sales Manager - Retire Places
  • Simple and easy for our sales team to use. Enough said!

    Pritesh Gajjar, Business Development - PSDCenter

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